Monday, September 15, 2014


     Radical Islam has been masquerading as a peaceful religion in America for some time now.  Little by little, thanks in part to America's weak stance on the inherent dangers of this twisted religion of Satan, Islam's true agenda is being revealed around America.  In my last blog, I featured a video showing terrorist sympathizers in Miami Fl, protesting in front of the Israeli consulate chanting "we are Hamas," and "god only loves Jihadists."  CLICK HERE TO SEE LAST BLOG  As our government policies continue to exhibit a pusillanimous position toward radical Islam, the Mohammedans are becoming increasingly emboldened, revealing the true hatred that is the driving force behind Koranic teaching.  In this latest video, an Islamic student at The University of California San Diego declares her support for the annihilation of all Jews.

Author and speaker, David Horowitz, was speaking at UCSD, when a Muslim Student Association(MSA) member got up to ask Mr. Horowitz a question.  In the preface of her question, the young lady announces the MSA's upcoming Hitler Youth week, and invites everyone to come out and support the event.  As the conversation ensues, the young lady refuses to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization and later admits that she supports the notion that it is better that all the Jews gather in Israel in order to make it easier for Muslim's to kill them.   This type of hate and vitriol is permeating college campuses across America in the form of groups like the MSA, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Freedom loving Americans had better wake up and demand these groups be investigated by the federal government.  As the IRS and NSA continue to focus on conservatives and Christian groups, radical Islamists are running amok, raising money and promoting their diabolical Sharia agenda.  just imagine what will happen when these agents of Satan are elected into positions of leadership and start legislating their repressive agendas.  Remember, Adolph Hitler did not violate German law, he changed it to fit his maniacal plans.  Millions of would be Hitlers are floating around our colleges and universities recruiting and raising funds to support Jihad.

Our society has been turned on it's head by liberal thought and practice.  We see a student receiving discipline for saying "Bless you" in a classroom CLICK HERE FOR UNBELIEVABLE ARTICLE  while radicals can call for Jihad in the streets of Miami.

What can we do?  First and foremost, we must pray, for our country and it's leadership, for protection from terrorists, and for the souls of those who are blinded by the false god Allah.  Next, we need to contact our elected official and demand that these groups be scrutinized and monitored.  If our officials do not want to do their jobs, vote them out and elect men and women who have true convictions and the fortitude to act upon them.  Finally, we need to educate people about the true nature and goals of Islam.  Islam is a Satanic cult at it's core.  Unless we expose the not so hidden agenda of Islam, we will see more terrorist acts on American soil.  We have to expect evil to behave evilly, or else we will be caught off guard and suffer at the hands of those who hate everything America stands for.

Thursday, September 4, 2014



      Radical Islam is gaining a dangerous foothold in our country.  If left unchecked and unimpeded, we will see the complete destruction of American culture.  In the streets of Miami, Muslims gathered outside the Israeli consulate and chanted "we are Hamas!"
There should be no doubt in the mind of any rational human being that Hamas is a terrorist organization.  Multiculturalism and political correctness have created an atmosphere conducive to the proliferation of astounding public displays by people who are actively working to destroy the very fabric of freedom in America.  

I am posting this video because I believe it is time for America to wake up and realize that these so called devout people, these radical Islamists, are any thing but holy and peaceful.  The video has graphic language and vulgar gestures, but I feel the overall content is so important that God fearing, freedom loving Americans must be made aware of what is going on right here in our own 

This post is meant to educate and inform.  It is not meant to foment hatred or violence.  It is meant to draw attention to the fact that terrorists are in America and will begin to escalate their activities.  At the end of the video, the chanting continues and the most disturbing line of all is "Allah loves all those who die in jihad."  This is chanted in Arabic, so no American would have any idea what is being said without an interpreter, but the message is loud and clear.  
Islam is satanism, pure and simple. To see why I believe Islam is the true religion of Satan, please click on this link.  MY BLOG - ISLAM IS SATANISM  

I apologize for the vulgar language and content of the video above, and I am even more sorry that this is happening in our so called Christian nation.  Radical Islam will not rest until Sharia law is the law of the land, not only in Arab nations, but in all the world.