Monday, September 2, 2019


      So, what do you get when you take the beautifully dark musical composition of Myles Barfield and mix it with the multi-ranged talents of legendary vocalist Dale Thompson?  You get an amazing  audio experience called Haunted No More.  Brought to you by the same musical genius as Dabster Gentlemen , Haunted No More presents a musical experience of depth, meaning and contemplation.  

            Unlike the upbeat, genre defying, work of Dabster, HNM leads the listener down a quieter path of reflection touching on themes of the heart and focusing on the redemption and freedom which can only be found in a right relationship with Jesus Christ.  

             The theme of HNM's debut, Volume 1, is recognizing the sufficiency of Christ and no longer being haunted by circumstances or the folly of others.  This is not only reflected in Thompson's powerful lyrics, but also captured in the piano laden compositions of Barfield, who somehow manages to evoke raw emotion through the music itself.  The listener cannot help but feel moved by the power of the marriage of heartfelt music and vocals.  Barfield and Thompson seem to have a Page and Plant chemistry as each artist's contribution to this album has a natural symbiosis where the listener experiences the themes of God's sufficiency even in the midst of trial and the chaos of a world opposed to God.  

             Psalm 73 and 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 lay the groundwork for HNM Vol 1. Though all may seem hopeless, in Christ hope abounds.  

       Neo-classical in style, HNM's music and message is very relevant and and fresh, and never veers off or distracts the listener from the idea of rediscovering hope and joy, even when all hope seems lost.  

     The first track, Midnight in the Middle of the Day, opens with light piano and rhythm leading into Thompson's contemplative and soulful vocals. From the first song, the listener will realize this album goes beyond merely entertaining into a realm of thoughtful reflection.  The musical composition soothes the spirit while the lyrics will draw introspection and a sense of God's awesome magnitude.  

       I Sleep (Internal Journey I) is up next, drawing the listener to the very edge of darkness.  With  light piano, some cymbals, and Thompson's layered vocals, demonstrating his amazing range, the recipe leaves hints of Moody Blues on the listener's palate.  

     Track number 3, The Miracle in You reminds us the sacrifice of Christ was a voluntary act of love.  This song sets the tone for the hope in the midst of hopelessness.  Very similar in musical composition to the previous tracks, one gets the sense of   a trilogy of songs where, first we are asked to contemplate the vastness of the universe, then contemplation turns inward to our spiritual need, while Miracle in You leads us to the one event in all of human history bringing hope to mankind.  

             I Wanna Have Church switches gears slightly, a mournful ode to local church lost to demolition when Dale Thompson was a youth. I Wanna Have Church is clearly the flagship song on this album.  The pairing of Barfield's composition and Thompson's vocal intonations is pure melodic magic. Somehow, a never heard before song manages to evoke a nostalgia for a place previously unknown to the listener.  Thompson sings in a lower register but layers in his signature sound behind the main vocal track, reminding the listener Thompson's range surpasses even Axel Rose.  

         Never Turned My Back on You remains true to the overall sound of HNM while giving fans of classic Bride ballads a taste of Thompson's signature rasp, only teased at in the previous track.  

        No End But God reminds us there is life beyond what we currently experience and reveals a purpose in suffering.

        From the Lord's Cup picks up the tempo slightly and starts off as a jaunty tune dealing with the theme of suffering as Jesus suffered for the Gospel.  The tempo, slows in the middle and picks back up in the third part. The tempo change ups seem to be revelatory of the Christian life, on which many embark with joy, yet may begin to question when persecution or resistance comes, only to see joy spring forth as understanding the purpose of suffering for the sake of the Gospel manifests.         
                  I Will Praise You reminds us of God's goodness, even in the midst of the storms of life. God is worthy of praise, not necessarily for the storm, but because of God's goodness beyond whatever circumstance in which we may find ourselves. 

      The Sky of Nothingness, a powerful piano ballad with a slight Floydian flavor, dealing with the topic of the meaning of life. The musical composition grabs the listener deep within.  Barfield's arrangement and presentation produces an emotional draw at the heartstrings that cannot be ignored.

         Filter (Internal Journey II) a warning to not filter our expression of God's image imprinted on us, nor the message of God's word.

         Not Every Story  reminds us not every story has a happy ending yet every thing from our past can serve as a lesson for our present.  Not Every Story could easily be a second single release. Musically, Barfield presents a powerful sound and Thompson reminds the listener he is a rock singer at heart.  Not Every Story finds both artists in the zone leaving no doubt each is doing what he was gifted by God to do.

         Into the Hole is a mournful recognition of the power of fear and depression in the frailty of the human heart. Our own power is insufficient to pull us out of the well of despair we often flee to as a respite from the trials of life. God's power and light is the only thing able to rescue us from pits of hopelessness.

       Haunted No More brings forth an album which seems important. The listener will find relevance and purpose in each song.  Hauntingly beautiful and pregnant with purpose, Haunted No More has created an album for it's time, presenting the hope of God in an often dark and joyless world. 

      It has been my pleasure to listen to and review this album.  Highly recommended!

        Available to listen on Spotify, or, better yet, order your own copy here!