Monday, January 4, 2021



 How well do you know Jesus?  Think about this question for just a moment.  Sure, you can read about Jesus in the Bible and listen to one of millions of messages or read one of millions of books about Jesus, but how well do you really know Jesus?

      Peter spent about 3 years with Jesus. Saw all the miracles, heard all the inside teaching and watched the Man live life, yet, Peter came to a stunning and devastating realization one morning, in a courtyard: he did not really know Jesus.

       Picture the scene, Jesus has just spent hours instructing 11 of His closest followers about what would soon happen. Peter declares, "even if I must perish with you, you shall not be taken away." Yet,only a few hours later, Jesus has been arrested and three times Peter denies even knowing Jesus. Why did Peter deny Jesus? Sure, he was afraid, but why was he afraid? Ultimately, Peter did not believe Jesus was in control of the situation.

      If we truly believe God is in absolute control, we really should never live in fear.  Remember Jesus' frustration when the Disciples were terrified of the storm while at sea? Jesus was peacefully asleep while his followers had a little freak-out because they thought the boat they were in was about to be destroyed by the storm.  Jesus spoke the words, "Be Still!" as much to the storm as He did to His frightened followers.  

      For God to be God, He must be all knowing, all powerful and good.  It is very easy to give intellectual ascent to the idea of an all powerful, all knowing, and all good God, but, putting intellectual ascent into practice may be another matter, entirely.  

      Currently, the entire world is facing unprecedented upheaval.  The COVID 19 pandemic has touched every corner of our planet,  changing how we do almost everything.  Geological events are ramping up as dormant volcanoes are rumbling to life and earthquakes are increasing in strength and frequency.  

    Politically speaking, uncertainty is the best word to describe current conditions. Who will be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20th?  It depends on who you listen to.  Undoubtedly, election fraud has been committed, however, can the level of fraud be determined and proven in time to overturn the election results?  

     Added to the mix is crazed legions of arm chair prophets, prognosticating the latest "message from Jesus, Himself!"  YouTube and social media are rife with the contradictory messages of  modern day, self proclaimed, prophets, as the faithful seek answers and order during increased turmoil and uncertainty.

     There is no denying, chaos seems to be the order of the day, however, seems is the operative word.  As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we have certain assurances.  Right now, you may feel as if you are on a small boat ravaged by a ferocious storm.  You may be wondering if you will survive or if God is even aware of what is happening.  

     Having a solid personal relationship with God is paramount to standing firm during these times of upheaval and uncertainty. Remember the Disciples' fear and surprise in the storm tossed boat? Remember Peter's bravado turned to cowardice? All the result of not really knowing and consequently not trusting, God.  

     There are some practical steps to supernatural peace and joy, especially during trying times:

1. A regular and intentional time of prayer. Talking to God is the          best way to get to know Him.

2. A regular time of Bible reading, meditation, and memorization.        Learning key passages will protect you from fear and doubt.

3. A regular time of worship. Recounting the glories of God helps 
    us keep His power and faithfulness in proper perspective.

4. Fellowship with other believers.  Knowing you are not alone and      drawing on the strengths of others is essential. 

   God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us, God's word assures us His perfect love drives out fear.  Nothing taking place in the world today, nor in your personal life, for that matter, has taken God by surprise.  Do you trust Him?  I mean really trust Him?  Are you assured God is in your corner?  If you know Him, you will trust Him.  If you trust Him, you will experience joy and peace, even as the world seems to spin out of control. God's got you and He's got this, whatever this happens to be in your life.  Fear not, for Christ is with us, even to the end of the age.

Now, go live as Christ... and give the devil hell!