A Night in the Word 
                              Metal Mission of Knoxville's 
                                          first outreach

  This is Place of Skulls' first set from our first Night in the Word                              event in Knoxville - be sure to play it loud!

    Here is the second set from Place of Skulls from A Night in the    Word I

                                 A Night in the Word II

                                 A Night in the Word III

                                 A Night in the Word IV

                                  A Night in the Word V

                     Luther's Gate leading worship at the Fringe

Pastor Eric preaching at the Fringe

                      The Fringe open air church April 6, 2019

       The Fringe April 20, 2019  - Passover/Resurrection weekend

                                 The Fringe May 4, 2019

                                  The Fringe May 18, 2019

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