Saturday, May 25, 2013


This week, the Boy Scouts of America voted to lift the ban on openly gay scouts.  This move to placate a very vocal minority has effectively spit in the face of all Bible believing families who participate in Scouting.  A recent poll on the website shows that 95% of respondents do not approve of the lifting of the ban.  I believe that lifting the ban on gay scouts will ultimately lead to lowering the lid of a coffin on scouting once and for all.  If you are a person of Christian morals you will agree but if you are a supporter of lifting the ban, there are some things you may have not considered.

Many charter organizations will be forced to expel scouts from their facilities as homosexuality is not compatible with their beliefs and practices.  Let's define what openly gay really means.  It does not mean a person who may be conflicted in their identity, it does not mean a person who is simply attracted to the same sex, it is a person who has made a decision to be identified with a certain behavior.  Being openly gay is a lifestyle choice which tells everyone, in this case particularly, "I desire to have sex with other boys."  It may seem harsh to phrase this in such a way, and it may seem insensitive, but the truth is sometimes blunt and unfriendly.

If you support lifting of the ban, would you be comfortable with the idea of allowing your 14 year old daughter to share a tent with a 16 year old boy.  If you are then you are an idiot.  What is the difference if a 16 year old gay boy shares a tent with a 14 year old boy for instance?  Would you really allow your young boy to share a tent with the gay kid.  I believe that many people did not think this through.  You cannot deny that homosexual males are the most promiscuous segment of our society.  A recent study that can be seen here  demonstrates that while 13.8% of heterosexual men  have had 11 or more partners, a whopping 32.8% of gay men have had 11 or more partners, a whole 4% of gay men admitted to 100 or more partners as compared to less than a half of a percent of heterosexual men admitting to 100 or more sexual partners.  Before you accuse me of using a poll that makes my point and ignoring others, you may be interested to know that the poll cited and the link provided is gay friendly and tries to make the case the gays are only slightly more promiscuous than straight men.  

It will be interesting to see if in January the gay community tries to make a statement by sending an influx of gay youth, who would otherwise not be interested in joining, into the BSA.  If this happens, it will drive out the conservatives and people of Biblical faith, the very backbone of scouting, and when those who came to make a statement leave, scouting will no longer be viable and will just go away.  

It is a sad day in America, when an organization as fine and upstanding as the BSA is willing to compromise it's tradition of morality and give in to a minor segment of society because of political and financial pressure.  It is time for people of faith in this country to take a stand and vote with our feet to protect our children.  The gay community may be celebrating this victory, but you can be assured that they will not rest until openly gay scout leaders are allowed into the organization as well.  Who would consider allowing a young single man to be a girl scout leader and having him chaperon a girl scout camp.  Common sense tells us that this is wrong.  Unfortunately at the altar of political correctness and "tolerance" common sense gets sacrificed.   

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