Monday, September 2, 2013


Much ado is currently being made concerning events in Syria and possible U. S. military involvement.  Many scholars and Bible students are wondering if the events of Isaiah 17 are about to be fulfilled by a military strike in Syria.  I believe that current events will not fulfill Isaiah 17 for a few reasons.  I do believe we are in the last days, I do believe that Bible prophecy has been and is being fulfilled since 1948 as is evident in my blog on Egypt and Isaiah 19, but I do not believe that Isaiah 17 can be fulfilled now as the rest of the chapter seems to deal with events that will be taking place during the Great Tribulation.
     Could Damascus be destroyed in a military strike led by U. S. forces?  Only if we drop a nuclear bomb.  Obviously that is not going to happen.  Clues as to when the actual destruction of Damascus takes place are found in the rest of the passage.

 Isaiah 17:4 - 5 And in that day the glory of Jacob will be brought low, and the fat of his flesh will grow lean. 
  And it shall be as when the reaper gathers standing grain and his arm harvests the ears, and as when one gleans the ears of grain in the Valley of Rephaim.

Currently, Israel, the glory of Jacob, is flourishing as a nation, despite the fact that it is surrounded by hostile enemies.  So by this verse we know that Damascus will be destroyed during a time when Israel is not doing very well as a nation.

Also, the verse preceding the above passage has a curious line:

Isaiah 17:3  The fortress will disappear from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus; and the remnant of Syria will be like the glory of the children of Israel, declares the LORD of hosts. 

This passage tells us that Israel's protection will be gone in the day that Damascus loses it's kingdom.  We do not know exactly what the fortress of Ephraim refers to but Ephraim absolutely refers to Israel as it is the name of one of her prominent tribes.  Could the United States be the fortress of Ephraim or possibly Israel's nuclear capabilities?  Only time will tell, but assuredly, Israel has not lost her protection at this point in history.  Even though the current administration is not nearly as friendly towards Israel as past administrations, when push comes to shove, America still has Israel's back.

Also curious in the above passage is the mention of the remnant of Syria being like the glory of the children of Israel.  During the tribulation period spoken of by the prophet Daniel and the Apostle John, people of all tongues, tribes, and nations will turn to God through Jesus Christ.  The remnant spoken of in the above passage has to refer to believers during the Great Tribulation as it is at the conclusion of that time that Christ will return and gather all the faithful to Himself and lift them up.  Any believers currently in Syria will be raptured out before these events take place(if I am reading this right) and cannot be the remnant spoken of here.

It is very possible and quite probable that the events in Syria are leading up to the war spoken of in Ezekiel 38.

As far as Damascus being destroyed by America, there is very little danger of that happening, especially since public opinion and international sentiment is against U. S. intervention.

I continue to look for end time events to manifest in current events, but I believe, based on the context of Isaiah 17, that this passage is not going to be fulfilled anytime soon, at least not until Anti-Christ comes to power and begins to persecute Israel.

I hope you enjoy searching the scriptures for our blessed hope of redemption as I do!



  1. I believe that current events in Syria have nothing to do with Isaiah 17 (or Isaiah 7-8 and Amos 1). Isaiah and Amos were contemporary prophets, and both predicted that Syria and Israel would soon be destroyed by the same opponent, Assyria. II Kings 16 shows in detail that their prophecies were fulfilled, and this is validated by historical records as outlined in this article:

    One of the biggest keys pointing to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 in Isaiah's own time period is the phrase "in that day" in verse 4. Isaiah clearly prophesied that Damascus and Syria would fall in the same "day" that Israel would fall. And we know that Israel (the northern kingdom) fell in 722 B.C.

    1. Adam, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I enjoyed your article and insight into this issue. I do agree with you that this prophecy is not about to be fulfilled by current events and I also agree that the original prophecy written by Isaiah had an immediate fulfillment, however, I also see that this appears to be a dual prophecy that deals with Damascus in the days of Isaiah as well as dealing with Syria in the time of the tribulation. I like your point about being careful about looking for the destruction of whole peoples, and I agree that we are to pray for the peace and salvation of every nation, but once again, I see evidence in this passage of a duality that will be fulfilled during the time of Jacob's trouble when God's wrath is poured out on the whole earth. The finality of the destruction called for lends me to believe that there will be revisiting.