Thursday, September 19, 2013


   Pope Francis is once again making headlines due to remarks that do not sound very Pope-like.  Today, a published interview revealed that the Pontiff is very reluctant to take a stand on many doctrines that are central to Vatican teaching.  After having declared atheists redeemed if they live according to their conscience (see FRANCIS - APOSTATE POPE...) the Pope has further confounded the faithful by refusing to take a stand on abortion and gay marriage.  Amazingly, these two topics are tied to terrible judgments meted out by God.

  Anyone who has ever attended Sunday school knows the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Essentially, these cities had become so corrupted by homosexual behavior that God destroyed them with fire and brimstone from the sky.  The Pope has all but endorsed homosexual activity by failing to address the sinfulness of the behavior and stating that if a gay person "seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?"  The Pope has refused to come out against homosexual clergy as well.  While it is imperative that the church loves the lost as Christ does, it is also imperative that the church does not excuse sinful behavior, especially within the church itself. The Apostle Paul was very clear in I Corinthians when he addressed an issue of sexual sin within the Corinthian church, the offending party was to be expelled from fellowship.  The Bible is abundantly clear that sexual sin is not to be tolerated among God's people.  Once again, the Pope fails.

    On the topic of abortion, the so called Vicar of Christ calls for a more inclusiveness within the church.  Never once does Francis condemn the act of abortion.  Silence in this case is tantamount to acceptance.  Abortion, especially when used as post pregnancy contraceptive, is a murder of convenience.  When an abortion is performed for no other reason than getting rid of a "mistake" or to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, is it really any different than killing in the name of pleasure?  One of the sins of the nation of Israel that led to it's destruction was the practice of sacrificing babies to the god Molech.  Of this practice, God said, "I did not require this nor did the idea even enter my mind."  God was so disgusted with His people for the senseless destruction of the most innocent among them, that He decimated the nation for it's despicable practice.

Francis has also stated that he wants the church to be more "inclusive," a "church for all."  The fact is that the church is not "for all" but for those who choose to follow Christ.  The Bible clearly states that straight is the road and narrow is the gate and few are those that find salvation.  Again, it is written, "many are called, but few are chosen."  What do we sacrifice to become an all inclusive church, we sacrifice truth, we sacrifice the purity of the Gospel and we sacrifice the clear teachings of God given in His word, the Bible.  Prior to the Vatican II council in the early 1960's the Roman Church's official stance was, "there is no salvation outside the Holy Roman Catholic Church."  While this also was not a Biblical teaching, it demonstrates how far this Pope has veered from orthodoxy.  I am no fan of the RCC, but it seems this Pope is determined to strip away all that is good and leave a ecumenical shell that allows every belief system and behavior.  The roll of the church is to equip the saints and to disciple people into a relationship with Christ by loving the lost enough to share the good news of the Gospel, not make excuses for bad behavior and disbelief.
When one reads the passages in Revelation pertaining to the destruction of the Whore of Babylon, it is not hard to associate those passages with the Vatican.  (see A WOMAN RIDES A BEAST by Dave Breese) It may have been unthinkable for many to associate a church that proclaims Christ to be the Whore of Babylon, marked for holy destruction, but the direction that Francis seems to be leading the Church appears to be a path of rebellion against the very morality of God.  

I cannot say with certainty that we are on the very edge of the Rapture of the church and the coming Tribulation, but I am saying that the current Pope seems to be a very good candidate for the False Prophet spoken of by the Apostle John.  It is interesting that God calls His people to "come out of her" prior to pouring out His wrath and judgment on the great Whore.  I will be watching a waiting to see the Pope make more Biblically based pronouncements, but I am not very optimistic.  This Pope seems more interested in inclusivity than truth.  I hope that I am wrong, but will also be very surprised if I am.

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