Sunday, October 13, 2013


I read an article on Breitbart that shows how far our country has strayed from the values that once, and can again, make America great.  Producers of the show Duck Dynasty have seen fit to censor the name of Jesus in order to not offend Muslims.

No one seemed to care about the negative impact the name of Jesus had on Muslim viewers until Muslim extremists blew up our the World Trade Center.  Are the producers of Duck Dynasty trying to protect America from another terrorist attack?  I call foul on this one.

First of all, Muslims respect Jesus as a good teacher and prophet so the utterance of His name would not necessarily be offensive to the average Muslim.  Second of all, I would be willing to bet my salary for the next 10 years that Duck Dynasty has a much larger Christian audience than Muslim, so why would they not be concerned about offending the Christians who actually watch the show by editing out the name of Jesus?

I would be more willing to believe that the producers of the show are the ones who find the name of Jesus repugnant. Further evidence of this is when Phil Robertson, one of the primary characters on the show, went to the producers of the show and confronted them on this subject, they stopped editing out the name Jesus.  Hmm, seems that if the name of Jesus is so offensive to Muslims, it should not matter what Phil Robertson thinks.

Godless people are running the entertainment industry and will take every opportunity to eliminate God from the public forum.  The Bible tells us that Satan is the ruler of the air and our entertainment comes to us over the airwaves, so we should not be surprised when there is a natural resistance and sometimes outright hostility towards Biblical truth. Kudos to Phil Robertson for speaking up for his savior Jesus Christ. I hope more believers will be encouraged by Phil Robertson's example and proclaim the name of Christ in a loving and gentle manner.

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