Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As coalitions come together and to fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 I found some interesting passages in Ezekiel chapters 29 through 32.  In these passages of Ezekiel, God reveals His plans to destroy Pharaoh and the nation of Egypt.  At the time Ezekiel wrote, Egypt was a super power.  Egypt had great economic, political and military strength.  When Babylon attacked Israel, Israel appealed to it's ally Egypt for help.  Egypt failed Israel in it's hour of need and God declared judgement on Egypt.  God promised to destroy the pharaoh and remove all might and prominence from Egypt.  Clearly, the Egypt of today in no way resembles the Egypt that once was.  The Pharaohs are relics of history and Egypt is weak and bereft of any influence on the world stage.

Today, Israel faces threats daily from it's neighbors.  Traditionally, America has stood close to Israel like a big brother, deterring any threat from becoming a reality.  Recently, the United States have been less supportive of Israel and not very wise overall concerning Mid East Foreign policy.  As America distances itself from Israel, a coalition of nations seem to be coming together in a united threat against Israel.  Russia has given it's support to Iran and Syria, both sworn enemies of the nation of Israel.  Interestingly enough, these nations were named by the Prophet Ezekiel, as the very nations that would attack Israel in the last days.

Currently, Iranian President Rouhani has made gestures toward the Obama administration, indicating Iran's willingness to come under international oversight concerning it's nuclear program, in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Interestingly, the sanctions have been the one great deterrent to Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb. President Obama has indicated that he is willing to discuss the lifting, or at the very least, easing sanctions.  Even more interestingly, key Democratic lawmakers have already stated that they would not support the president on lifting sanctions. Congress has sole power to levy or lift economic sanctions.  What this shows is that the President may be somewhat sympathetic to Iran's cause, even though congress will not capitulate to Rouhani's demands.

In the midst of all this, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared today that not using military action on Iran to halt it's nuclear program could be far costlier than any international response to such an attack.  Netanyahu understands that a nuclear empowered Iran would mean the destruction of Israel as a nation.  Whether or not America will stand by Israel should it choose a military option is uncertain.

What this could mean for America Spiritually:  Again, traditionally America has stood close to Israel just as ancient Egypt had at one time.  Now, Israel finds itself in arguably it's greatest hour of need and America is a wild card.  Even though congress can block the president from lifting economic sanctions, congress cannot order military support for Israel to defend it against attack.  What if Israel comes under attack and America does nothing?  According to Ezekiel 38, this is precisely what happens, and God supernaturally rescues Israel from destruction.  Failure by the United States to help Israel if Israel is attacked could very well result in America receiving the same judgement from God as Egypt.

I believe that America is at a crossroads.  How we respond to God's declaration to Israel can mean the difference between prosperity of destruction: In Genesis 12:3 God declares to Abraham that all who bless him will be be blessed and all who dishonors him will be cursed.  If America dishonors Israel by refusing to stand by it's side I fear a curse of destruction is guaranteed.

Now is the time to pray for revival in the churches that spills out into the streets and brings about a third great awakening for the United States of America - One nation under God.

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