Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I read an article on Charles Krauthammer that saddened me to a certain degree.  Charles krauthammer is, according to Wikepedia "a Pulitzer prized winning... journalist, a political commentator and a physician."  Undoubtedly, Mr. Krauthammer is very intelligent.  The fact that he is a conservative commentator shows that he is a man who derives his ideas from facts and not merely emotion. The part of the article that saddened me is Krauthammer's views on God.  Charles Krauthammer acknowledges that there must be some grand designer  as the universe is ordered and must have been created intentionally.  Krauthammer goes on to say that to think the universe made itself is foolish.  Krauthammer is right on up to this point, but he then goes on to explain that he feels inadequate to define God and does not hold the "accepted accounts" of who God is.

In the Bible, we see a concept called progressive revelation.  Romans 1 tells us that all men are without excuse when it comes to matters of faith, because God has revealed Himself to us in nature.  The road to faith begins with the acknowledgement of a creator.  When a person comes to the belief in a creator, God reveals more of Himself.  There have been accounts from the mission field of remote tribes greeting missionaries with enthusiasm because the people of theses tribes acknowledged a creator and God began to reveal Himself to them, finally sending missionaries to share the truth of Christ.  Charles Krauthammer has acknowledged a creator in his personal theology but he has apparently rejected the further revelation of God in his life.

When I consider a man of brilliance like Charles Krauthammer, I get terribly frustrated by his unwillingness to embrace true faith.  The Bible says that the truth of scripture is foolishness to the wise.  The Gospel, in it's simplicity, is not easily grasped by intellect, it requires a high degree of faith.  Once a person comes to faith, it is hard to imagine that others cannot see the logic behind the Gospel.  For those outside of faith, Christian truth is one of many voices competing for prominence and acceptance.  The fact that Christianity is one of the only voices that claims exclusivity, intellectual minds reject the notion with out a fair hearing. That is why we need the power of prayer.

The church can come up with all sorts of slick programming and packaging but the truth is, prayer is still the most powerful tool in our spiritual tool box.  As we pray for the lost, we begin to love them and as we love them our feelings will transform into actions and love will be a verb in our lives, not just a concept or emotion.  My prayers will be with Mr. Krauthammer and others like him, those whose intellects hinder their faith.  I will pray that they will experience true acts of love from believers in their lives and that love and faith can overcome the intellectual mind's natural tendency to reject the simplicity of the Gospel message.

Charles Krauthammer has acknowledged a creator, pray that he will embrace the next revelation God shares with him about Himself. Pray that Charles Krauthammer will embrace Christ as his savior, recognizing that not only does it make sense, but it is the only theological model that works.

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