Wednesday, December 18, 2013


In the book of James it says:   James 4:4  You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. 
Pope Francis has worked very hard to be a friends with the world.  The Bible states that you cannot serve two masters as you will hate one and love the other.  Francis clearly desires the approval of the world over the approval of God.  In the past two weeks, the pope has been named the Person of the Year in two separate magazines, Time, a liberal propaganda machine disguised as a news magazind, and The Advocate, a homosexual activist magazine.  Last month atheists Bill Mahr and Richard Dawkins gushed over what a great pope Francis was because he was so progressive.  Meanwhile, conservative Catholics cringe every time Francis opens his mouth.

The Advocate, an extremist homosexual publication, condemned both Pope Benedict and John Paul II for their stance on homosexuality.  The two most previous Popes both referred to homosexuality as intrinsically evil.  The current Pope seems to shrug his shoulders and say "eh.." when asked about his feelings on homosexuality.  Yes, Francis currently holds a stance against same sex marriage, but so did both Clintons a few years ago, this year, both Bill and Hillary Clinton came our in favor of gay marriage, people's view change with the political climate.  I am positive that if the new pope felt he could get away with it, he would preform a same sex marriage on the Vatican steps for all the world to see.

James, the half brother of Jesus, wrote in the above passage that friendship with the world makes a person an enemy of God.  Pope Francis is the most recognized religious figure in the world.  For many, the Pope represents the face of Christ's church.  Christ gave the church a mission, to go into all the world making disciples.  Jesus commanded His followers to carry the Gospel to the lost all over the world. The last time I checked, the Gospel message is man, separated from God by sin and Jesus Christ sacrificing Himself on the cross to forgive our sins. Man needs to repent and believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ in order to be saved.  The gospel of Pope Francis is if you live according to your conscience, even if you are an atheist, you will go to heaven.

This Pope may be a so called nice person, he may have great compassion for the poor and the downtrodden, that is all good and well, he should care about the needy as all who call themselves Christian should.  The problem with this Pope is he does not understand that the helping of the poor also should include the sharing of the Gospel of Christ.  Jesus condemned the religious leaders of His time because they missed the point of their service.  During Christ's ministry, He told the religious leaders that they were right in tithing and giving to the poor, but that they did not teach Godliness and repentance,  Jesus told them that they should be doing both things.  The religious leaders then were more concerned with notoriety for themselves than promoting the true things of God.

This Pope is behaving in a most heretical manner.  Francis has chosen to promote the policies of Satan by not standing up for the Gospel truth and issues of morality. Pope Francis has bought into the new morality, a social justice with no other agenda.  Social justice should be a by product of faith, and should be a catalyst to sharing Christ. In the new morality, God is not necessary nor welcome.  In the new morality, the end justifies the means, no matter no matter how evil the means may be.  In the new morality, the only moral choice is choice itself, choice to kill the unborn, choice to have sex with whomever and wherever one desires, choice to follow ones own conscience despite the clear teachings of God, and choice to reject God completely.

The world has turned a corner in the past few years, a corner that has led far from God.  Churches have traded the Gospel for so called social relevance.  Ministers have allowed worldly methods of church growth to overshadow the true Gospel message. There is very little call to holiness in today's church.  The Pope and many so called ministers like him have traded the truth for popularity.  Friendship with the world is enmity with God, it cannot be stated with any more clarity. Millions are dying and going to hell but the new Pope is cool, so whoop dee doo.

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