Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Once again, the very crowd screaming the loudest about tolerance has shown just how intolerant they actually are.  In the marketplace of ideas, apparently only ideas that agree with a liberal agenda are welcome.  Christian Rapper Bizzle has recorded a song pointing out the hypocrisy of the gay rights movement and the sin of the homosexual lifestyle.  In return, the same group that rings the bell of intolerance every time someone dares disagree with them, has found it appropriate to spew hatred and violence against Bizzle and his viewpoint.  Bizzle  has a viewpoint that has been shaped by his faith and his life experience, but because it is not a politically correct viewpoint or in lock step with the vocal minority, his view point is considered hateful and worthy of death.  One comment left on his video stated, "I'm gonna chop your body up..."

As a christian, I find most of the lyrics of most popular music to be distasteful at best.  I disagree in the strongest sense to songs that glorify sin.  My response... I do not buy it and I do not listen to it.  I believe that much of what is perpetuated as entertainment is disgraceful in the eyes of God and blatantly rebellious toward Him.  I find the celebration of sin repulsive and am sickened over the influence the entertainment industry has had over America in driving our culture farther and farther from the godly values that this country was founded on.  I would never threaten nor condone the murder of those who create such entertainment.  I do pray for entertainers when I think of it and I do set boundaries for what is acceptable in my home and I do encourage other believers to stand up for morality in their personal lives, but I cannot even imagine calling for the death of someone who has a different belief system than mine.

The fact that someone can be threatened and bullied for a viewpoint that does not match the moral bankruptcy of today's culture is outrageous.  Christianity is becoming marginalized because believers refuse to act on their proclaimed faith.  Church has become a social club and faith a matter of rhetoric rather than practice.  We, meaning the Church, continue to buy music that defies God and His moral commands, we continue to look the other way when open sin is practiced in our congregations, and we seldom, if ever, act on our convictions when confronted with clear issues of right and wrong.  The Church has not lost it's voice in America, we have forfeited it by our refusal to live uncompromised lives.  The vocal minority may very well have become the majority.

Bizzle's song "Same Love (A Response)" was written as a rebuttal to a Rap song called "Same Love" which endorses the homosexual lifestyle and was performed live at this year's Grammy Awards.  Our society has been kidnapped by the values of hell and one man dared stand up for the principles found in the Bible. I challenge believers to put your faith into action, get off the pew and into the game.  We are heading for a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah while the the people of God sit and complain.  I salute Bizzle and his stand for truth.  If more believers put faith into action, the Church would have a voice and influence on the culture rather than the culture corrupting the church.

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  1. Very true, Paul. The response was very respectful, he ended it with "No hate about it, I love you." The response was also a plea to the believing homosexual, admitting that all of us have sins, some very different than others, and whatever that struggle is cannot be rationalized away as something acceptable in God's eyes. I find Bizzle's work here a refreshing act of boldness tempered with sincere concern and love, something that is becoming increasingly more nonexistent in our Christian culture.