Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have noticed a disturbing trend in contemporary Christian music, the lyrics and album art do not reflect anything Christian.  Music is a big part of my life and I like most styles.  Many years ago, God convicted my heart concerning the secular music I collected and listened to.  I trashed thousands of dollars worth of music and music related memorabilia.  What helped me most were bands like Bride and Bloodgood that had a great hard rock sound with blatantly Christ centered lyrics.  I discovered bands like Whitecross and Guardian, who looked and sounded like any other hair metal band, but gave glory and honor to Jesus.

Since then, I have collected hundreds of "Christian" CDs.  Lately, I have noticed that some of the biggest names in Christian music have been putting out a music that is indistinguishable from secular music.  The album art is questionable and often contain occultic symbology and the lyrics never mention God or Jesus. Toby Mac surprised me the most with his most recent album which has nothing in the artwork or lyrics that would lead anyone to believe that he is a "Christian artist".  A look at his website reveals not word one about salvation, a relationship with Christ or even a Biblical reference.  Instead, you get to read about his greatest musical influence being Bob Marley.

As I became aware of artists like Toby Mac and Skillet who leave the listener wondering where the message of faith lies, I became increasingly diligent in listening to the lyrics of the music I enjoy.  In so doing, I discovered a band that I never really gave much attention to previously, Kutless.  Kutless leaves no doubt about the fact that they are dedicated to Jesus Christ.  Often in this forum I draw attention to things that are negative, but today, I want to focus on some very positive and committed musical artists.

Most of the music I purchase comes from bands in Europe.  These bands are making the style of music I like best and they write very Christ-centered lyrics.  One band I discovered recently is called Affector.  They sing scripture - period.  Affector has a driving symphonic/metal sound but the words of their songs come straight our of the Bible.  Another symphonic/metal band that sings God honoring songs is Harmony.  Both bands are from Europe, both bands sing in English and both bands hold their own musically.  I have lent my CDs to unbelievers who love good metal and they were blown away.

Bands in the States that are making great Christian Rock are Theocracy, Place of Skulls and believe it or not Stryper, who just released a new album.  There is no reason for a believer to buy secular rock that dishonors God and promotes sin.  There is enough good music, in any genre, being made by fellow believers.

I am constantly in search of new bands that honor Christ.  If you want to discover some great rock and metal, head over to Youtube and check out the bands I mentioned above as well as some on the following list:

1. Rob Rock
2. Narnia
3. Golden Resurrection
4. Driver
5. HB
6. Grinmark
7. Joshua Perahia

If you know of good metal/rock bands that are praising God, leave me a comment an let me know.

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