Sunday, April 6, 2014


I went into this movie expecting great things and I was not disappointed!  First off., the story was well crafted and believable.  The main story revolves around a freshman college student who is asked to sign a statement that God is dead.  Due to the fact that the student is a christian, he refuses to sign the statement. He is tasked with defending his position to the rest of the class.  Many other sub plots surround the main story and every one is right on target. This review will be spoiler free so if you have not seen the film, I hope to encourage you to go see it.

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of God is Not Dead. The acting was superb, with well known actors such a Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo.  David A. R. White's presence lends weight and credibility to the production as well. The script and dialogue were also right on target.  This movie is a shining jewel among the lumps of coal currently marketed to the faith community,worthless  movies such as Son Of God, Noah and worst of all Heaven Is For Real.  God's Not Dead is a truly evangelical film that does not sugar coat the truth or water down the Gospel to make it more user friendly.  In God's Not Dead we find a strong presentation of the Gospel message, emphasizing the love of God but not neglecting His righteous judgement.  

If I were a professional movie critic, I would rate this film two thumbs up, 10 stars, and whatever other top rating the pros use to endorse a film.  Take the time to see it - bring an unbelieving friend if possible. This is a must see film!

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