Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When I consider the woman with an issue of blood, who knew if she could but touch the fringe of the Messiah's garment, she could be healed, I am astounded by her determination and faith.  This dear lady knew she could be healed because the prophet Malachi prophesied this truth and she acted upon it.  Malachi 4:2 suggests that the Messiah would bring healing in his kawnawf also known as tzitzits.  Tzitzits are the little tassels found hanging from the hem or fringe of a tallit, or prayer shawl, worn by Jewish men.  Obviously, this woman did not take the Bible as mere allegory or platitude, but as literal truth... truth to be acted upon.


I look at this story and I am reminded of the Passover tradition of Dayenu.  During a Passover dinner, called a Seder, the Dayenu is recited.  The basic meaning of the word Dayenu is "It would have been enough for us." During the Dayenu, each of God's wonders and workings for the nation of Israel is recounted and as each miracle is stated, the participants repeat "Dayenu."  For us as believers, there are countless opportunities to say "Dayenu", as God has done more for us than we could ever deserve or even imagine.  

If we could only touch the fringe of Christ's garment - Dayenu- it would have been enough.  Our Lord gives us so much more than the mere fringe of His garment.  When we observe the Lord's supper, we are reminded how He gave us His very substance, His body which is broken for us, His blood which is poured out for our sins.  Christ gave EVERYTHING for us, when His fringe would have been enough and more than we deserve.  What am I that I should receive such compassion and mercy from my creator, against whom I rebel daily.  In retrospect, if He simply annihilated
me and made my existence null and void - Dayenu - it would have been enough, just to not have to suffer the torments of Hell, for which I have so diligently toiled.

Every thought not taken captive, every straying of the eye, every uttered slight, every curse toward a person(spoken or thought), every help not given, every covet, every lie, every act of sloth - every one and any one has sealed my reservation in hell.  Despite all this,through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I not only escape the punishment of hell, I get to spend all of eternity in His glorious presence - so undeserved.

Sadly, I need to remind myself of these things daily.  My memory is short, my selfishness is long and my cup which so often runneth over has a hole in the bottom of it.  I need to remain in a place of constant filling and refilling of the Spirit of God.  

It has taken years of walking with the Lord to understand this and still, some days are better than others.  I remember the days, and sometimes repeat them, when I had nothing more that the ability to reach for the fringe of Messiah's garment.

  There are many who have tried everything the world has to offer and yet peace and security eludes them.  If you are at such a point in life, the fringe of Christ's garment is before you and within your grasp.  When you reach out and touch it, you will begin on a path of relationship in which your life can be transformed.  

I invite you to grab the fringe and be transformed.  I invite you to look at the love and grace God offers us through Christ and understand the true meaning of Dayenu.  If all God offered us was simple escape from torment - Dayenu, but He offers to change our lives and work through us in ways we can only begin to imagine, here in this life. The life to come cannot even be described by human words.  If all I had was the fringe of His garment - Dayenu...but there is more, oh so much more...

Now, go live as Christ... and give the devil hell!

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