Sunday, July 20, 2014


Anti-Israel protests in Europe
      I am absolutely dumbfounded at the international reaction to Israel attempting to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks.  As I scan the news and see protests in major European cities, protests in which thousands, according to world news headlines, are turning out against Israel, I am completely dumbfounded.   I cannot imagine that any thinking person can logically defend an anti-Israel position on this point.  The only possible reason to hold an anti-Israel position in this particular case is a fundamental hatred for Israel.  It is no surprise that Muslims around the world are protesting against Israel in this case.  Islamic leaders from numerous countries have made no secret of their hatred for Israel and have made repeated threats to "throw the Jews into the sea".  Those who practice radical Islam and follow the Koran literally hate Christians and hate Jews... period.  
More protests in Europe
      A few days ago, I wrote about Islam being Satanism.

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 What other motivation could engender such overt and fierce hatred towards the only two groups who follow the Bible, besides satanic influence?  If you are not an Islamist, and you are feeling that Israel is wrong in this current military action, I would like to share some facts with you.  First, Hamas attacked Israel first.  Rockets came out of Gaza with the sole intent of killing Jews.  
Second, Israel has attempted to abide by two separate cease fires, one called for by Egypt and the other called for by the UN.   Each time, Israel was ready to begin negotiating for peace and each time Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel, with the sole intent of killing Jews.
Third, Hamas is firing rockets into populated areas of Israel in order to kill civilians, the attacks are not on military targets, Palestinian attacks are designed with the sole intent of killing Jews. 
Fourth, Israel has sent warnings to populated areas before sending rockets in an  attempt to minimize the civilian casualties in Gaza.  Unfortunately, the radical Islamists have very little regard for the lives of the Palestinian people, as they are storing weapons in apartment buildings, mosques, schools and hospitals.  Israel is firing on Hamas military targets, but Hamas has seen fit to place these targets in populated areas, so when Israel takes out a weapons cache, it is forced to take out a hospital, school or apartment building in the process.  Hamas uses this tactic to bring world opinion against Israel.  Hamas is purposely placing it's most vulnerable citizens in harms way.  
Fifth, the world press is characterizing Israel's response to attack as "Israel's war against Hamas", or "The Israeli offensive in Gaza".  This is yellow journalism and does not represent the fact that Israel was attacked and is attempting to defend against the murderous intent of Hamas.  The world press is quick to show pictures of Palestinian civilians suffering from the "relentless and brutal attacks" from Israel.  Reports continually show the heavy damage suffered by Gaza and the relatively minor damage suffered by Israel, presenting the image of  big bully Israel beating up on it's weak, defenseless neighbor.  The truth is, Israel is surrounded by nations who have openly declared their intent to destroy Israel and wipe it from the map.  Israel has taken the steps necessary to protect itself from such attacks as those coming out of Gaza.  This is the only reason Israel is suffering minor damage as compared to the damage being inflicted in Hamas.   

I have to ask you, if an angry mob showed up at your house and began firing bullets and throwing Molotov cocktails through your window, would you run outside and try to negotiate with them?  Would you offer them part or all of your property for them to live on as a condition of peace?  If you had the ability to protect your home and you had the firepower to defend against such an attack, would you not use every resource at your disposal to protect the lives of your family?  It is ludicrous to expect anything different of Israel.  There is no international police force coming in to arrest the perpetrators of these Hamasian attacks.  There is not Global 911 that Israel can call.  Israel is on it's own and has the choice to defend itself or die.  Israel's counterattacks have been designed to put an end to rocket attacks, Hamas' attacks have been designed with the sole intent of killing Jews.  Israel's ground invasion is meant to destroy rocket launchers and tunnels used by terrorists to sneak into Israel to wreak havoc.  

Common sense would dictate that logical, thinking people would support a nation attempting to defend itself.  Common sense should also dictate that world opinion would be negative towards those who are condemning Israel for attempting to protect it's people. Sadly, when it comes to Israel, common sense has left the building. This is just further evidence that Satan is truly the god of this world, as the Bible has stated.  Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and also pray that the Spirit of God would liberate the Palestinian people from the evil of Hamas and Islam.  There are many Palestinian Christians who need our prayers and support.  Pray that the Christians in Gaza would be able to boldly share their faith and bring a spiritual awakening to the region that would repel the Satanic influences of Islam and bring true peace between Israel and the Palestinian people.

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