Saturday, July 12, 2014


      I hate the word racism.  The word racism suggests the anti-Biblical premise of multiple lines of human evolution creating different races of man.  According to the Bible, there is one race, the Human Race.  All men are descended from Noah.  No group of people is superior and no group is inferior, just different.  I also hate what the word racism stands for, hatred for a people based on their ethnic or geographical origins.  No person should ever be judged according to their heritage or descendancy.  Descendancy should never be a reason for division, derision nor discrimination, but behavior is a completely different issue.  Improper, sinful and negative behavior deserves to be censured by society and especially the church.

     The issue that got me thinking about this today is a story in the New York Times July 12, 2014 edition, covering the Palestinian attacks on Israel.  The headline screamed: "Israel Hits Mosque and Clinic" and the opening line of the story said: "As Israel's air war against Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters in Gaza entered it's sixth day..."  This article would suggest that Israel  has started a war with it's neighbors and is blowing up their churches and hospitals.  In reality, the Palestinians in Gaza began firing rockets into Israel, unprovoked. Furthermore, on Saturday, July 12, the same day as the NYT article suggests Israel has been an aggressor towards their peaceful neighbors, Hamas fired over 500 rockets into Israel.  Once again, Israel is called to task in the liberal press for defending itself.  Imagine if America suddenly came under attack from our friends from the North, Canada, would the NYT write slanted articles against the US for retaliation?

    The NYT is displaying bigotry towards Israel in it's reporting.  This fact is indisputable. This is just one more example of a acceptable bigotry from the so called progressive crowd who uphold tolerance as the holiest of all virtues.  The Bible tells us to love our brothers, to love our enemies, to bless those that curse us, to fight against injustice and to serve the poor and downtrodden.  The Bible does not teach tolerance, the Bible does not teach us to accept sin as an alternative lifestyle and the Bible does not condone any faith system that rejects the fact that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, through whom is found the only way to salvation and reconciliation with God.  

     The type of reporting found in the mainstream press is further evidence of what the Bible has already told us, that Satan is the god of this world.  Satan controls the media, the entertainment industry, and world politics.  Satan's control is not unlimited, it is subject to God's sovereignty.  Satan cannot go past any of the boundaries that God has set before him.  As believers, it is imperative that we are discerning when it comes to what we see and hear in the press, careful of what entertainment we support with our money and time and careful of how we vote.  If the everyone who attends church this Sunday and considers them self a Christian began to take responsibility for their own behavior and began to exercise a Biblical world view, society and culture would turn for the better.  Unfortunately, many who are sitting in the pews on Sunday, worshiping, are the same ones behaving like atheists on Saturday night.  We can no longer afford to have a foot in both worlds as the world around us is becoming increasingly hostile toward God and His followers.  

    As I have stated in many of my blogs, people are not the enemy, the spirit if anti-Christ and Satan are our enemy.  Our battle position  is on our knees and our weapon is the Word of God.  As always, I urge that we pray for our president, for our national leaders, for our soldiers, for the peace of Jerusalem and for those who are entangled in the deceit of Satan.  God loves sinners, but He will judge them.  We are called to test the fruits, we are called to love and we are called to shine light in the darkness, which means we are to expose sin, especially in the church.  Tolerance has no place in our worldview, nor does hatred and bigotry.  As the world system, a system under Satanic control, continues to demonstrate hate and intolerance for God and His people, we must be the difference, speaking the truth in love and demonstrating God's salvation in our thought, word and deed.


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