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   I wonder at what point the Vatican will consider a recall, if such a thing is even possible, on it's election of Jorge Bergoglio as the current Pope. It seems that nary a week goes by that Pope Francis does not spout off some nonsense that is in opposition to official Roman Catholic doctrine, not to mention the clear teaching of Scripture.  The  so called Vicar of Christ has reached new levels of bufoonery with his latest pronouncement that all animals will go to heaven.  The exact quote, "One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all God's creatures."  This statement, on it's own merits is utter foolishness, but when one takes into account the source of such verbal tripe, this statement becomes something all together different, it becomes heresy.  

Pope Francis has crafted an "aw shucks" image for the world to fawn over.  Progressives like atheist Bill Mahr, who openly mock God and Christianity, has nothing but praise for Pope Francis.  The non believing world loves Francis more than any other Pope in history.  Pope Francis parades around like a rock star on tour and spouts anti-christian rhetoric while godless media elites sing his praises. The Bible says, in  James 4:4 You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.  How can Francis claim to speak for God and yet be so enamored by the World.  I believe that this Pope has a sinister agenda and is slowly destroying the Gospel message of the Roman Catholic Church.  

Pope Francis' pronouncement that "paradise is open to all God's creatures." is theologically absurd for a number of reasons.  First of all, the Bible tells us in I Corinthians 15 that there is a distinction between the flesh of animals and the flesh of man.  I Corinthians 15 deals with resurrection.  If "all God's creatures" were to be resurrected, why distinguish between the flesh of animals and the flesh of man?  Jesus came to earth as a man and died for the sins of men, not animals.  To claim that Christ's death, as Francis alluded to, redeems animals is a mockery of the crucifixion.  

God created angels, and some of those angels chose to rebel.  The rebellious angels are God's creatures by the nature that He created them.  The book of Jude refers to a group of angels who are chained in darkness awaiting judgement.  According to Pope Francis, these angels should have nothing to fear when they stand before God, because "all God's creatures" will go to heaven. Jesus, Himself, as recorded in Matthew 25, declared that hell is created for Satan and his angels.  If God created Satan and the other angels, and Jesus tells us that they are destined for hell, then either the Vicar of Christ is wrong or the real Christ is a liar...  

Pope Francis is not the "regular guy" as he portrays himself, he is something much more dark and diabolical.  Conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church are very aware of, and concerned about, the subversion of truth being perpetrated by Francis.  One conservative bishop has been quoted as saying, "Inside the Church and recently from some of it's highest circles, new winds blow that aren't from the Holy Spirit." (emphasis added)  As I have stated in my last blog, Gospel believing Catholics may be faced with a difficult choice, Jesus or the Pope, the Bible or the Papacy.  This choice may be forced sooner rather than later.  

It would be easy to view the Pope as a paper tiger who can spout off any inanity and, unlike a president or prime minister, has no real authority or power.  This is a dangerous assumption.  The Bible teaches that there will be a world leader who will deceive the whole world.  This world leader, known as the Man of Sin, or Anti-Christ, will be heralded by a false prophet, a religious leader who will cause most of the world to worship this false messiah.  I believe that Pope Francis may very well be that false prophet spoken of in the book of Revelation.  If he is not, he is surely a false prophet, paving the way for the real false prophet and giving us a preview of how one man can misdirect billions of people through a false humility and platitudinous pronouncements that are contrary to Biblical truth.   

Pope Francis is not a harmless, grandfatherly character who loves everyone and wants the world to come to Christ, he is a dangerously deceptive agent of darkness that is turning the focus of the Church away from Christ and making a mockery of our Savior's sacrifice.  Francis is purging the upper levels of the Vatican of conservative cardinals and appointing his own legion of theological heretics.  When a man is appointed as the spokesman of God, and is given the same credibility as an Apostle, what he says and does theologically matters.  Pope Francis is not a fool and is worse than a heretic, he is, in my estimation, a shepherd of Satan and leading millions astray.

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  1. An anonymous poster left a comment here, but posted a link to a blog that used profanity. I did not want that blog promoted from my site, so I deleted the comment and reposted it here, in it's entirety, without the blog link. I have also included my response to the comment. - thanks, Paul

    Does anyone really understand what Matthew 15:8-9 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4 practically means?

    Most people think that salvation is by Jesus plus nothing which in their mind means nothing, just type up words behind a screen acting if they are judge and jury on how the world turns around. They are usually a waste of time, a lazy servant that Christ gave a talent and they hid under the mattress. Christianity is being eradicated where it originated from and they think Christianity is what they watched on TBN.
    The Churches in America & Europe are in a state of falling away and most of what was sold to the masses is comfort gospel. In the end the rude awakening is by fire and refinement and the righteous will prevail through persecution.

    Paul Ahnert has left a new comment on your post "IS POPE FRANCIS A FOOL, A HERETIC OR WORSE...":

    Matthew 15:8-9 clearly speaks about those who are adding man's ideas and rules to the commands of God. Practically it means, that the Bible is all we need to understand God. I agree that easy believeism is killing the church, but the fact that the Bible clearly teaches salvation by faith alone is non negotiable. TBN is garbage, I also agree, this why I am so focused and committed to discipleship. Discipleship strengthens the true believer and causes the unbeliever or nominal christian to make a commitment or move on. This sounds harsh, but too many without the Spirit of God have infiltrated the church and caused chaos and the end result is the dog and pony show we find on TBN.
    Jesus said "make disciples", not converts.

    thanks for commenting and BTW, I could not disagree more with the information on the link you posted. because of the foul language and my desire to not give a forum to heresy, I am removing your comment.