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Below is a post I wrote in November of 2015.  I got a couple of things wrong, but overall, I was right when I wrote about a big victory for Donald Trump in the general election.  I stand by my prediction and the reason I predicted this outcome.  I pray for the success of Donald Trump as POTUS and I pray the church does not squander the opportunity to operate without resistance for the next 4 years.  What follows is what I wrote in November 2015:

A few weeks ago, I would have predicted (and did) a cake walk presidential election for Hilary Clinton.  I no longer believe this possible.  Hilary is far too damaged, at this point, to win a general election, and a no holds barred candidate, such as Donald Trump will eviscerate her in a debate.  If the Trump Juggernaut does not falter, he will become the nominee for the Grand Old Party and he will carry New York and Florida on election day, ensuring him a White House victory.  Hilary's problem is she is simply unlikable.  Most politicians would not tear at that wound, for fear of tarnishing future political aspirations, but not Trump, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and the more he speaks his mind, unfiltered,the more popular he becomes.  

Image result for trump victory                              Official 113th Congressional photo of Tulsi Gabbard                                                                         Image result for angry hillary  
     As fractured as the GOP may be, the DNC is at war within.  Only after Hilary is trounced in the General election, will the DNC be able to regroup, jettison Wasserman-Shultz, who is really not ready for Prime Time, and cut lose many of the old guard Dems in congress for younger, less partisan, and more liberal members.  One such member of Congress, who also happens to be the Vice Chair of the DNC and a political rival of Wasserman-Shultz, is Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.  Gabbard has everything the DNC needs to convey in order to remain relevant in the future: she is young, attractive, very intelligent and understands domestic and foreign policy, she is also very liberal and non-christian.  Currently, the DNC strains to remain relevant amidst it's electorate, it is currently, as Time magazine stated, "The party of old white guys."  The DNC has become the GOP of the 1970's and cannot relate to a young electorate. 
    Trump, if nominated, will win the general election and serve one term, that is my prediction.  Trump will do a  bang up job of fixing the economy, but he will probably have difficulty on social issues and foreign policy.  On foreign policy, Trump will look more like Putin than Reagan, or Obama for that matter, and socially, he will probably struggle like George H.W. Bush, as his true ideology is somewhat left of that on which he is running.   I do not believe Trump will seek a second term and my best guess is Cruz, who should be Vice President at the time, will be too conservative for the country, which has shifted irretrievably left under Obama. 
Enter Tulsi Gabbard.  I believe America is ready for a woman president, just not Hilary Clinton.  Gabbard is the Anti-Hilary.  Gabbard is not shrill and patronizing, she comes with true feminist credentials, not riding the coattails of a man, as Hilary can only attribute her political success to her husband, Bill Clinton.  Gabbard has served as a combat war veteran and is currently a National Guardsman, on the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and Senate Foreign Policy Committee.  Gabbard is extremely liberal on domestic policies, but seems to be a fical conservative and is willing to work with both sides of the aisle.  Gabbard and Wasserman-Shultz, the DNC Chair, have been less than friendly and Gabbard, at least privately, seems to not support Hilary Clinton for Democratic Nominee.  Gabbard was most likely in the Joe Biden camp.  Religiously, Gabbard is less traditional, as she practices Hinduism.  She was raised by a Catholic father and Hindu mother, but chose to embrace Hinduism.  As Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, embracing Yoga and Karma, this will play well with a younger generation that already embraces Spirituality over Christianity.  
Gabbard carries herself extremely well, she has poise, speaks well, with a lower timber than most female politicians, she does not  come off as shrill, such as Hilary, and has an intelligent beauty that will garner trust.  Gabbard is the youngest woman ever elected to political office in her home state of Hawaii, and will most likely hold that distinction in the White House, beating out a 42 year old Teddy Roosevelt. Gabbard will run, as Trump is, as the real deal candidate of 2020.  Unlike Obama, who is shrouded in mystery, half truths and outright lies, Gabbard has lived her entire adult life in the public eye, having been elected to public office at the age of 21.  At 39 years of age(her age in 2020) Gabbard will have just as much public service experience as anyone else running.  
Another reason I believe Ms. Gabbard will be running(and winning) in 2020 is that public relations campaign that is slowly ramping up, placing her in the public eye. The New York Times has run an article on her, signaling a big warning to Hilary Clinton. The same media tactic that brought us a President Obama will slowly and steadily introduce America to Tulsi Gabbard.  As some very high profile female heads of state continue to be in the news, America will be less reticent to elect a woman to it's highest office.  At the end of the day, Hilary Clinton is not presidential, she is untrustworthy, she has been tarnished by one scandal after another, and she represents everything that is wrong with politics. Gabbard has none of these liabilities and will most likely not be subject to ridicule for off the cuff remarks like Sarah Palin.  Tulsi Gabbard will be taken seriously, as she has gone through her paces, both personally, and politically. Most of her most liberal positions are already law and her fiscal and foreign policy conservatism will overshadow her social policies, making her very attractive to moderate and independent voters.  Gabbard and Trump are probably more similar, politically, than anyone even realizes.  
I am a Christian, a conservative and a nationalist, I do not endorse Ms. Gabbard.  Though the above may seem like an endorsement, it is simply my reasons as to why I am officially predicting a Trump presidency, for one term and a blessed fading away of Mrs. Clinton, once and for all.  As presidents go, I would not support a liberal such as Gabbard, but compared to Hilary, Gabbard is Kennedyesque while Clinton is simply an unindicted criminal and thug.  America has shifted away from God and traditional values, we are no longer a Christian nation, Obama has accomplished his mission to "fundamentally change the United States of America" and has played the perfect Illuminati puppet.  Obama's damage done, it is time for a real, adult to take office and clean up his mess, ala Donald Trump.  Once Trump fixes thing, someone like Gabbard will be ideal for the purposes of leading America further from God and leading the world closer to the conditions necessary for Satan to establish his rule through the Anti-Christ. God help America and God help the American Church!

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