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   As I was reading through Proverbs this week, I noticed, in Proverbs 10:2-3, principles on wealth that prompted me to share my thoughts.  Proverbs 10:2-3 Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death.  The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.  We, as a society, are geared toward amassing.  We try to amass wealth, honor, prestige, and other, often elusive things that we believe will bring us satisfaction.  Who among us has never said, "If only I had..." believing that there is a thing, just out of our reach , that would bring us true satisfaction?  Even worse than craving the unattainable is achieving the object or our desire, acquiring the one thing that we just know will bring true bliss, and realizing that the satisfaction promised was not delivered.  To attain and yet not achieve is a hollow victory indeed.

     The acquisition of wealth, as the world sees it, is much like this.  The real question is, "how much is enough?"  Without the proper spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as enough, because satisfaction is elusive for those outside the will of God.  The list of famous people who have attained "the American dream" only to commit suicide is astounding.  In August of 2014, funny man Robin Williams joined the ranks of those who could not find satisfaction in what the world had to offer. read the Tragic Death of Robin Williams HERE   Williams, like many before him, realized the hollowness of attainment.  Being adored by millions, commanding millions of dollars for roles, having unlimited access to the excesses of life were not enough.  According to Proverbs 10:2-3, it is God's design that we not find satisfaction in these things.

     Proverbs 10:2 states that "treasure gained by wickedness do not profit."  Treasure is wealth, yet this passage says ill gotten treasure cannot profit.  How could wealth not profit?  If the goal of attaining the treasure is satisfaction, then the goal will not be achieved.  According to the above passage, the righteous will have needs met, while the wicked, though they may be wealthy, will crave.  What do the wicked crave, the one thing they cannot have - peace.  Wealth, fame and prestige cannot fulfill man's need for peace.  A right relationship with God, in which needs are met, is far more satisfying than great amounts of wealth that calls out for "just a little more."  Jesus stated it perfectly in Mark 8:36  For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?  

     Satisfaction is the real goal of all people.  We do not realize this because we are busy pursuing  things which we believe will bring satisfaction.  These things soon eclipse the underlying desire for satisfaction and our pursuit becomes misplaced on an object or status and the peace of true satisfaction is never realized.  The pursuit of satisfaction in material wealth can never end, as wealth, in and of itself cannot bring the peace and satisfaction that the soul of man craves.  The Spirit of God is the only one who can provide us with true and lasting satisfaction.  I Christ, we can have all our needs met, physical, spiritual and even emotional, by the power of God, irregardless of how much money, power or notoriety we may or may not have.

     Abundance of stuff does not indicate blessing.  The above passage reveals how treasure can be gotten through wicked means.  Surely the wicked are not blessed by God.  I am most blessed when I am walking in the will of God and that usually means I am giving of my resources, not getting.  I am never more at peace or more satisfied than when I am operating in the skill set with which God has gifted me.  By my stating this, you may correctly deduce that I am inferring that I am among the righteous. I unequivocally assert that I am righteous in the eyes of God, and yes this is a bold statement.  I also, just as strongly assert that my righteousness is not because I am a good person or because I have done anything good, I am righteous because Christ has made me righteous by His shed blood on the cross.  Christ imputed His righteousness to me, filling me with His Spirit and giving me the peace of satisfaction.  My only role is exercising the faith which God made available to me.

     I may never be a rich man, as the world defines wealth.  I am, however, blessed beyond measure because I have access to my Father in heaven and I know that He promises to provide all my needs out of the abundance of Christ.  I can be, and am, satisfied because He has made me satisfied by His Spirit.  If only those who endlessly pursue the unattainable would find the secret to true peace and satisfaction.  The wicked may amass and horde and attain, but they will never achieve the one thing that every soul craves... peace.            

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