Saturday, July 16, 2016


        Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing Knoxville local Christian/folk band Ready For Rain. This was quite a blessing as Ready For Rain was able to both entertain and lead the audience into deep, meaningful worship. Ready For Rain performed mostly original compositions with a couple of modern worship standards thrown in for good measure.  Already getting attention from recording labels, I imagine this group of young people will make a big splash in the music industry as well as being a major impact for the Gospel of Christ.  It is tremendously refreshing to see young people so dedicated to God, on and off stage. Many of the band members are active in church music ministry, in addition to the many hours committed each week to RFR.  Also refreshing is the level of musicianship demonstrated by each member.  The Quality of talent is something you would expect from seasoned musicians with hundreds of touring hours under their belt, yet the average age of this band is only about 19 years old.  Each member is a serious musician, but none takes himself too seriously as they are not afraid to cut loose with kazoos, in one particularly fun number. The versatility of RFR is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac as each member in the band could be a stand alone star, in their own right.  I highly recommend Ready For Rain and encourage any readers in the Knoxville area to check them out live. If you are out of the Knoxville area, just wait and I am sure it will not be long before RFR gets a recording contract and hits the road nationwide.


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  Jenna, a 17 year old phenom.  Jenna handles violin/fiddle, viola, cello and soprano vocals. Jenna has won major awards for her high level of musical ability and despite having played Carnegie Hall, chooses to use her talent to glorify her Lord.  Watching Jenna sing evokes images of a young Judy Garland. Jenna is a complete delight to watch perform.    

  Avery, guitarist, vocalist and spokesman for the band.  Avery takes center stage with his acoustic guitar and engages the audience like a seasoned pro.  Avery is an extremely talented songwriter, having written many of RFR's original compositions.  Avery, a college freshman, has a heart for worship and is committed to leading others to the throne room of God. Avery's love for God is obviously demonstrated.

  Matthew, 21 year old bassist, vocalist and ukulele player. While most bass players are content to stand in the background, laying down rhythm, Matthew is up front and active in each performance.  Adding vocals and switching to ukulele Matthew shows versatility not found in most bass players.  Having performed internationally, Matthew brings experience and talent beyond his years to RFR.  

  Robert, multi-talented musician and vocalist.  Robert has mastery over guitar, mandolin, keyboard and banlo.  Robert's crisp vocals combined with his high level of talent on every instrument he plays is sure to impress and entertain.  Robert's commitment to Christ shows in his singing performance. As highly talented as Matthew is, he is not adverse to getting silly with a kazoo, bringing levity and fun to the audience.

  Kyle, 16 year old drummer and sound tech. Don't let Kyle's age fool you, he is quite a talented drummer, who also plays in his church worship band. Kyle's passion shows in his joyful countenance.  Keeping up with sound and playing alongside accomplished musicians is a testimony to the level of talent and commitment Kyle has at such a young age.

  Jordan, 23 year old guitar aficionado. Jordan is the rock and roll of RFR, riffing on electric guitar and laying down technical leads.  Switching to acoustic, Jordan is not afraid to demonstrate he has vocal ability, as well.  Also, playing for his church worship band, Jordan has a high commitment to his faith and uses his grand talent to bring glory to Jesus Christ. 

  Audrey, 19 year old alto vocalist.  Audrey's vocal talent shines whether she solos or accompanies other RFR singers.  Audrey has performed in opera and had the lead in a production of Cinderella, yet her commitment to Christ has led her to RFR.  Hearing Audrey perform is truly a treat to the ears. Her heart for ministry is evident in her stage presence, and in the that she is a member of her church worship team.

     I am definitely looking forward to seeing Ready For Rain again.  To experience the level of talent exhibited by these young musicians, utilized for service to the King, is inspiring.  If you are looking for a band that can get you out of your seat, put a smile on your face and lead you to a place of adoration towards the Creator, you will find it with Ready For Rain.  

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