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    Traditionally, the end time scholars have believed that Daniel's prophecy concerning "the prince who will come" referred to a world leader arising from a unified Europe. More evidence is beginning to surface that may suggest this world leader will arise from the Muslim world and specifically from Turkey.  In Part One, (CLICK HERE for part 1) we looked at a very specific prophecy from Micah 5 referring to this coming world leader as The Assyrian.  More commonly, we identify this world leader as the Anti-Christ.  Also in Part One, we detailed how current events, for the first time in history, are coalescing in such as way as to reconcile Daniel's prophecy of a revived Roman Empire and a Middle Eastern Anti-Christ. The silent Muslim invasion of Europe may very well be the catalyst needed for Islam to co-op the EU, paving the way for a rise to power of the Assyrian of Micah 5.

     Current events suggest we are living in the last days.  Israel becoming a nation in 1948, reborn in a day, fulfilled Ezekiel's prophecy of the dry bones, recorded in Ezekiel 37.  The nation of Israel is the key player in end time events, from 70 AD until 1948, Israel, as a nation, did not exist.  Most prophecy scholars view Israel's rebirth as the restarting of God's prophetic time table, signaling the upcoming end of the Church age.  When the Dispensation of Grace ends with the rapture of the Church, the 70th seven year period, spoken of by Daniel in chapter 9 of his record, can commence.  CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of the rapture and Daniels prophecy concerning 70 seven year periods  Jesus allegorically referred to Israel as a fig tree and told His disciples to watch for a very specific event to take place, which would herald His immanent return: Mat 24:32-34  "From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near.So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.  No one can deny that Israel is currently blossoming.
The land of Israel blossoms with life after the Jews return to the land

Ezekiel 38 & 39 coalition materializing before our eyes

     As we see prophecy literally being fulfilled in the nation of Israel, we become cognizant of other prophecies yet to be fulfilled.  One key prophecy being the war described in Ezekiel 38 & 39.  CLICK HERE for more details on Ezekiel 38  The prophet Ezekiel detailed an attack on Israel by a coalition of nations led by Russia and Iran.  Ezekiel describes an invasion of Israel led by the aforementioned nations, along with Turkey, Libya Syria and Somalia.  Currently, as detailed in Part One of this post, Russia is utilizing air bases in Iran to attack rebel and ISIS forces in Syria, in an attempt to strengthen Syrian government forces in Syria's civil war.  The U.S. is currently backing the rebel forces attempting to overthrow President Bashir.  ISIS has emerged as the common enemy of both sides in this conflict.  The past week's Russian air strikes marks the first time foreign forces have ever used Iranian soil as a staging ground, and it is no coincidence that a Russian/Iranian coalition has formed over Syria, as these are the very nations of which Ezekiel prophesied.  Events are lining up very nicely.  Also of interest, the aftermath of the attack described by Ezekiel seems to have a nuclear or chemical warfare component. Ezekiel 39:14-16  They will set apart men to travel through the land regularly and bury those travelers remaining on the face of the land, so as to cleanse it. At the end of seven months they will make their search.  And when these travel through the land and anyone sees a human bone, then he shall set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-gog.  (Hamonah is also the name of the city.) Thus shall they cleanse the land.  For what reason will they wait seven months to search the land and why will markers be set up for special "buriers"?  These are certainly things to ponder. 

Turkey, NATO, Russia and the ancient city of Nineveh
Ergogan and Putin meeting this month
Last November, Turkey shot down a Russian jet, claiming the jet violated Turkish air space.  This almost created an international incident as Russia breathed threats of retaliation against Turkey and ultimately settled on economic sanctions.  It seems that all is forgiven, after only 10 months.  This week, Turkey and Russia have entered into talks, reestablishing business ties and even discussing a

military partnership.  Turkey, a NATO member, has expressed dismay with the U.S. and NATO, sparking fears that Turkey has or will reveal NATO secrets to the Russians.  Turkey, Russia and Iran are key players in the Ezekiel 38 scenario and, up until this month, a Turkey/Russian alliance seemed unlikely.  Much of the Russian/Turkey talks seem to be centered around Syria and ISIS.  In fact, Turkey said, this week, it would be open to requests from Russia to use the Incirlik Air Base for operations in Syria. U.S. forces are currently operating out of Incirlik and several U.S. owned nuclear weapons are stored on the base.  Allowing Russian forces access to Incirlik could be devastating to U.S. and security.  

     As Turkey cozies up to the Russians, Turkish forces are expanding operations into Kurdish held areas of Syria and Iraq.  Most interesting is Turkey's interest in Nineveh,  a region in Northern Iraq.  This region of interest as Nineveh was the ancient capital of the now defunct Assyrian empire.   The prophet Jonah was sent by God to Nineveh to warn the people against impending doom.  Nineveh was Israel's number one foe at the time and Jonah did not want to preach to his enemies, so he fled.  Everyone knows the story of Jonah being swallowed by the fish, not everyone knows the significance of the city of Nineveh as it relates to the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  The Assyrians destroyed the northern 10 tribes of Israel, carried the survivors into captivity and settled the land with people from other captured nations.  This land became known as Samaria.  The point is, Nineveh was headquarters for the enemy of God's people, the Assyrians.  We find a reference to the Anti-Christ in Micah 5, referred to as the Assyrian, making a connection to the city of Nineveh and end time events.  
     Currently, Turkish forces are occupying Nineveh, ignoring Iraqi demands for withdrawal.  Micah 5:6  they shall shepherd the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod at its entrances; and he shall deliver us from the Assyrian when he comes into our land and treads within our border.  This passage reveals that Messiah will rescue Israel from the Assyrian, and defeat those from the land of Nimrod, at it's entrance.  Nineveh borders Turkey and Syria.  Traveling from the north, Nineveh is the entrance to the land of Nimrod, Babylon, which is modern day Iraq.  As Iraq is in disarray battling ISIS, it is quite feasible that Nineveh, under Kurdish rule and friendly to Turkey, could be annexed by Turkey.  Nineveh would be a very strategic staging area for an attack on Israel.  Staging a military attack against Israel from Nineveh, a Turkish leader could very well be referred to as the Assyrian. 


President Erdogan and the apostate Pope
A failed Coup attempt in Turkey, recently, has strengthened the hand of Turkish President Erdogan.  Erdogan claims the coup was financed by Fethullah Gulen, a former Turkish Imam.  Interestingly, Gulen is currently being protected in a Mosque in a residential area of Monroe County Pennsylvania.  I have received  a first hand, eye witness account of this Mosque located in Saylorsburg, a town in the Poconos. According to my source, the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center has been turned into a fortress, complete with around the clock armed security and paramilitary exercises.  Gulen is currently under CIA protection and all requests for extradition back to Turkey have been denied.  My source fears Turkey will send an extraction or, possibly, even a wet team in to take the compound by force, placing everyone in the community at risk.  

     Following the coup, Erdogan has rounded up his political opponents in Turkey, by the thousands.  Erdogan is reaching out to Russia, partly in response to his belief the Obama administration was complicit in Gulen's attempted coup.  If proven, supporting the overthrow of a sitting president of an allied country, could be considered an act of war.  Turkey is too weak to declare war on the U.S. on it's own, however, if backed by the might of the Russian war machine, Turkey's response to Mr. Gulen's antics could very well spark World War III.  

     This concludes Part 2 in a 3 Part series.  Part 3 will link the Biblical prophecies concerning the Anti-Christ and the Muslim prophecies concerning the 12th Imam.  Amazing parallels exist between these two prophecies, and we will look at how the man the Muslims are looking to as a savior bears a striking resemblance to the Man of Sin described in the Bible.  

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