Wednesday, August 9, 2017


     This week, once again, the U.S. intelligence community realizes an underestimated threat is now serious business.  The Obama administration, whether through ignorance or outright collusion, underestimated the treat of ISIS, referring to it as a JV team.  Then, When Kim Jong Un  of N. Korea posed with a photo of what he claimed was a nuclear bomb, U. S. intelligence scoffed, calling the bomb a disco ball.

Previously, Kim Jong Un was considered a harmless mad man, nothing more than a paper tiger.  Un, like a weak child on the playground calling out insults and threats to the bigger stronger kids was simply ignored as irrelevant.  This week, the weaker kid showed up to the playground armed and dangerous, and the big kids are finally taking notice!

     Suddenly the memes mocking Un's weight are not quite as funny...  Well, maybe they are still a little funny: 

     The bottom line is, Kim Jong Un is a serious threat to the U. S. and it's allies.  Alaska and Hawaii are at immediate risk, Hawaii projects an 8-12 minute notice of imminent attack.  

     A preemptive strike could raise the ire of China and spark World War III.  A delayed response could lead to a tremendous loss of life and an unprecedented attack on U. S, soil.  Dealing with Kim Jong Un  is not like dealing with a reasonable leader who is concerned with the well being of his people.  Un has no loyalties, as demonstrated earlier this year with the assassination of his own brother.  

     The Christian response is to not hate this man, but to pray for him.  We need to pray for our leaders to exercise wisdom and courage and pray for Kim Jong Un's soul.  Should Un set off a nuke in America, he will undoubtedly be receiving a one way ticket to the judgment seat of Christ, courtesy of the U. S. military. 

     It is time for us to pray for peace and security for America and intervention from God.  Jesus tells us in Luke 18:27 - What is impossible with man is possible with God.  So, while it may seem an impossibility that someone like Kim Jong Un could be saved and turn form evil, it is not too great a thing for God to expose Un to the Gospel. Of course it is up to Un as to what he will do with the truth, but we can pray for him.

   No matter what unfolds in the coming days, we must remember that God is securely on the throne and no weapon formed against us can stand, spiritually speaking. Now is not a time of fear but of courage!

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