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     The state of New York passed landmark legislation legalizing abortion at any and every stage of pregnancy.  Previously, abortion in New York, was legal up to 24 week, and could be performed only by a licensed doctor.  All that changed this week, as Democrats, for the first time in years, took control of the state senate and hastily decreed death to viable babies, who's only crime was to have not yet taken a breath.  

      Disguised as a reproductive health issue, the new law allows for the murder of an unborn child based on the "viability of the child or the life and health of the mother."  On the face of it, this seems almost reasonable.  It simply gives a woman the right to avoid the pain of going full term only to deliver a dead or dying baby or the right to preserve her own life if carrying the baby to full term was somehow a terminal situation, right?  Well, maybe...

      Here are a few reasons why this law is about more than protecting the health of women

1.  The "health of the mother" portion of the law is the extremely broad and includes mental health.  In other words, a woman, in labor, can decide she is too stressed out or mentally strained to raise a child and she can choose, at that point, for the sake of her "health" to terminate the baby before it takes a first breath.  
       Yes, this is an extreme scenario, but, nonetheless, one made legal by the good people of the New York legislature.

2.  Allowing abortions to be performed by medical personnel other than doctors.  Previously, only licensed doctors could perform abortions, now, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and midwives can perform non surgical abortions. 

       So we are to believe allowing a midwife to perform an abortion is somehow safer for a woman than being under a physician's care?
The whole idea of protecting a woman's health as the primary purpose of this heinous law falls apart at this point.

3. Killing a baby in the womb is no longer considered homicide, even if the killing is done against the mother's will.  So, if a pregnant woman believes she is carrying a baby in her womb, she would be wrong under the new law, as anyone could cause death to the unborn child and not face a homicide charge.  Kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and causing the death of her unborn baby would now be considered assault rather than murder.  

4. Unabashed celebration. As if this horrific piece of legislation was not enough, Governor Cuomo's glee as he signs the bill into law is nothing less than astounding. According to the proponents of abortion, it is solemn private matter and should be safe, legal and rare.  So we celebrate greater access to something considered solemn and private?  This is about far more than a woman's health and privacy.  And, if the giddiness of the sponsors and signatory is not enough, the city of New York lit up One World Trade Center with special pink lights in honor of this most festive occasion.

What should our response be to this horror show in New York?  Do we attack Governor Cuomo on social media and call him evil?  Do we spew hatred to those on the other side of this issue or do we love our enemies as we are commanded in scripture? 

     Is Governor Cuomo an evil man because he joyfully signed this bill into law?  I will submit to you, Gov. Cuomo signed this bill into law because he is an evil man.  Signing this does not make him evil, his evil lead to sign.  Let me explain: all people are evil at heart. Mankind has, historically, been brutal and destructive to one another. Gov. Cuomo is no more evil than your neighbor down the street, he only has greater capacity to exercise his evil because of his position of power.  Without the righteousness of Christ, imparted to me by God, I would have the same untamed evil nature, restrained only by my fear of consequences.  

 Our response, as followers of Christ, can never be hate.  We were able to see what unbridled hate led to earlier this week when the media misrepresented the Covington students.  Today is a day for prayer, for introspection and a redoubling of our efforts to save as many babies as possible.

What can we do?

1.We can support local Women's facilities which offer faith based counsel and support for unwed moms, pregnant teens and others who are at risk of terminating a pregnancy.

2. We can support legislation limiting and restricting abortion.  Here is a link for a petition started by author and Christian apologist, Heather Schuldt sign the petition to end 3rd trimester abortion  

3. Support adoption.  Either consider adopting or help families who are in the adoption process. Adoption fees and lawyer costs can range between 10 and 50 thousand dollars.  This is the biggest obstacle to adoption.  

4. Help educate the next generation. As the next generation has access to greater technology, the big lie told by the abortion industry can be exposed. Groups like Planned Parenthood would have you believe an unborn child is nothing but a lump of nonviable flesh.  A beating heart and brain activity proves otherwise.  

5. Engage your local, state and federal representatives.  Planned Parenthood receives federal tax dollars, even after being exposed for selling baby body parts. Almost every republican in office, including President Trump, campaigned on eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood, yet, government funding continues.  We need to hold our politicians accountable.

     Now is not the time to give up or get discouraged, now is the time to pray, educate and act.  Women who have had abortions need to know God loves them and offers forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Many women suffer horrible guilt after an abortion, it is not our job as the Church to make them feel worse. Jesus is our example, when He told the woman caught in adultery, "neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more,"

       Abortion is not the disease, abortion is a symptom of the disease. The disease is sin. We have been commanded to go and make disciples. Disciple making is the cure for the disease.  Cure the disease, eliminate the symptom.  God loves Governor Cuomo and God loves the foolish people who are celebrating this abominable law.  Let us not forget, hate is not an option.

Now, go live as Christ... and give the devil hell!


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