Monday, May 10, 2021


      What would you do for $4.00 per day?  How much effort would you put forth for $4.00 per day?  Imagine seeing this want ad: BACK BREAKING WORK - $4.00 PER DAY - UNLESS IT RAINS, HURRY, POSITIONS WON'T LAST!!

    As ridiculous as such an idea may seem to anyone living in an industrialized nation, if you happen to be a Christian minority in a primarily Muslim country, $4.00 per day could very well be your reality.  Many Christian families, in the nation of Pakistan, have been relegated to virtual slavery in brick factories scattered throughout the nation for a mere pittance of $4.00 per day.  If it happens to rain on any given  day and bricks cannot be made, no money is made either.  

    Before you say, "well the overall cost of living there is so much less," consider the Big Mac Index (yeah that's a real thing).  The Big Mac Index is an economic tool designed to gauge purchasing power of a nation's currency.  In Pakistan, the Big Mac is currently $3.58, about $1.46 less than an American Big Mac. So, imagine if your daily income was enough to buy a Big Mac and you could still manage to squirrel away $.42.  

    "Yeah, but a Big Mac is not really a necessity," you may say. Ok, no one really needs a Big Mac, I'll concede this point. How about a pair of shoes?  Shoes are not really a luxury item, shoes are pretty much a necessity.  A decent pair of shoes costs about $26.00. So the average brick factory worker can skip food for a week and afford a nifty pair of shoes.  

    Pakistan is only one of many nations where Christians are marginalized, persecuted and/or repressed.  The very least we should be doing, the bare minimum, is praying for our brothers and sisters around the world.  Not everyone is called to international ministry. There are plenty of ministry opportunities right in our own neighborhoods. Everyone is not called to everything, but.. everyone is called to something. 

    I have, inadvertently,  become an erstwhile WhatsApp missionary to Pakistan, and I really cannot explain how or why except it's a God thing. What started out as friendly conversations and occasional video chats over Twitter and WhatsApp has blossomed into a weekly class and sporadic preaching opportunities in various cities.  Through the wonder of technology, I, a guy who does not even possess a passport, get to interact with believers on the other side of the world.

    The last thing I want to do is fall into the trap of thinking everyone should be doing whatever I happen to be doing at the moment.  The Body of Christ is vast and diverse with each member equipped for a myriad of different acts of service.  In fact, no one should ever feel inferior to anyone else, as long as you are serving according to your calling. 

    However, if you are currently not serving, if you have been seeking God on what your calling may be, won't you consider international ministry.  Again, through the wonder of technology, you do not even have to leave home!  If you are frustrated in your walk and spiritual growth, ask God to help you think outside the box. You may be amazed where the Spirit leads you!

    A year ago, for me, Pakistan was just another country on a map. A country to which I gave little thought and the little thought I gave was not often good, given our current war on terror and the Pakistani government's role.  Now, I love my friends in Christ, whom I have had the joy of meeting and interacting daily.  I do not speak Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, and the attempts on my part to learn some words have not been very successful, even though I have a very patient teacher. 

      God has amazing plans for you, if you are willing to submit to His will. As my friend Jason said recently in one of his daily devotional videos - "God did all the heavy lifting," (If your not subscribed to his videos, you are missing out!)

    Jason works out of town and still finds time to record a quick devotional video every day.  How, because he is following God's calling, which means he is enjoying God's empowerment to do his calling.  The Lord's work is not work if you are doing the work you are called to.  

    As I said, not everything is for everybody but everybody is called to something!  What is God laying on your heart today?  Is it time to get out of your comfort zone? Nothing grows in the comfort zone!

    Whatever you are called to, please say a prayer for my friends in Pakistan, especially our brothers and sisters laboring in over one hundred degree heat for $4.00 per day!  

Now, go live as Christ... and give the devil hell!

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  1. Beautiful writ! I have been affected by your post!