Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Our Thursday night group will begin looking at the Sermon on the Mount this week as we continue our study through the Gospel of Matthew.  There is much debate on who the Sermon on the Mount is for and how we as believers are to respond to it.  Many would like to exchange living by this teaching of Jesus rather than accepting His sacrifice.  As I study to teach, and take a good look at what Jesus taught, I am reminded of the Israelites when they received the law.  The Law was the rules of the Old Covenant and the Sermon on the Mount could be seen as the rules for the New Covenant.  The outcome is the same, no one could live by all the teachings of Jesus, just as no one could keep all of the Law.

I present to you that the Sermon on the Mount is what is required for kingdom life.  Jesus taught these things in order to show that no one could possibly live up to His standards.  Once again, this was designed to demonstrate that we need a redeemer, a savior, a sacrifice to cover our sins and shortcomings.  I am looking forward to studying the Sermon on the Mount with our group and demonstrating our need for the blood of Christ.

As I studied for this weeks lesson, I came across a surprising article which demonstrates the hostility the world has towards the message of Christ.


This is a sad commentary on the state of affairs that our country is in.
Join me as I attempt to live up to the teachings of Christ, not to be good with God, but because I am good with God by the virtue of my faith in Christ.


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