Monday, June 24, 2013


 I am very excited that the Federal Government took the time to instruct churches on how to respond to a church shooting.  The instructions are profound and very important as most church going people would never have been able to figure out what to do in the case of a gunman running amok in a church.  Here is the new Federal guideline, be prepared to be astounded: RUN, FIGHT OR HIDE! thankfully we have these geniuses in Washington to save the rest of us.

Please excuse my sarcasm, but it seems absolutely ridiculous that the Fed would announce "Federal Guidelines" and give us the obvious response to any attack.  It would appear that the Fed believes church people are less than intelligent.   It seems condescending that these guidelines are specifically for churches rather than just how to respond to a shooting in general.

I would like to get on the committee that creates government guidelines.  I have some very good ideas, for instance a guideline for a ringing cell phone: you can answer it, ignore it  or have someone else answer it for you.  How about a Federal guideline on ordering a pizza: call ahead for pickup, call in for delivery or walk into a pizza parlor and place your order.

Today, most churchgoing people are conservative and many have carry permits, I would think that the most dangerous place to attempt to shoot up would be a church.  I remember one Sunday at a church we used to attend, a congregant was concerned that a domestic issue would lead to a potential kidnapping, no less than 8 men of the church waited outside with concealed weapons.  Those of us who love freedom do not need the Federal government to tell us what to do in a church shooting.  We already know.  Perhaps the government should focus on fixing the economy or investigating the numerous scandals surrounding the president.

I would like to suggest a new Federal guideline for politicians: serve the people or get out of office.
Now that could revolutionize America!

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