Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In the book of Zechariah, God plainly states the coming Messiah's name. Early in the book, God speaks to the high priest Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew) and tells him that in the future He will bring the Branch and the Branch will establish a holy kingdom in Israel and remove all sin and iniquity from the people. It is evident to Joshua and students of the Old testament that God is referring to the Messiah (Christ in Greek) when speaking of the Branch. Later in the book, God commands a crown be made for the head of Joshua and that he represented the Branch and that one day Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew - Jesus in Greek) would rule over the house of Israel and sit on the throne as priest and king. Joshua the high priest never wore the crown on a throne, the crown was commanded to be kept in the temple as a testimony of what would be in the future. God declared, prior to the building of the second temple that one day, the Messiah would come, would sit in the temple on a throne in the position of Priest and King and His name would be Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew and Jesus in Greek) God could not have made His plan of salvation any more plain, from Genesis 3:15 through to the book of Revelation.

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