Monday, November 25, 2013


    In my last blog, I wrote about the very bad deal that was made with Iran concerning it's nuclear weapons program.  Today, the reaction from America's friends in the Middle East would suggest that they feel betrayed and abandoned.  Never before has the United States made such a deal with a nation so blatantly hostile to American values and freedom.  Iran is run by a fanatical Islamic regime that would put the entire world under Sharia law if given the chance.  Human rights atrocities in Iran are normal practice and women are relegated to property status.  Everyone of America's allies in the region opposed this deal yet America, seeming to work against it's own interests, has allowed Iran to gain access to billions of dollars.

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scolded President Obama during a private call Sunday, telling him that if he wished to remain the most powerful man in the world he had better change American policy towards Iran.  Israel will send a lobby group to the U. S. in order to convince the Federal government that it needs to dismantle Iran's nuclear enrichment program.  Israel has also stated that it will do what needs to be done to prohibit Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, including a unilateral military strike.

  Saudi Arabia feels that the U. S. deceived them by purposely not briefing them in the developments and possible outcome of the deal.  Saudi government has declared it will now follow an independent foreign policy.  While refusing to admit to an open relationship with Israel, Saudi Arabia has agreed to lend support to an Israeli military strike against Iran.

   Even more disturbing about this deal is the loophole that was created that allows Iran to do work off site and then bring the completed components to the reactor site and install them.  Iran has become financially able to accomplish it's wish to gain preeminence in the region through nuclear strength.  The Ayatollah's response leaves no room for doubt about what Iran's true intentions are, he declared victory over the United States through the nuclear agreement passed in Geneva.

    Iran has been nothing but hostile towards America and the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the American people.  The fanatics that have taken over the Iranian government have expressed it's desire to destroy America in the name of Islam.  Iran sent soldiers into Iraq to kill American soldiers.  The fact that there is no obvious benefit to the United States to enact such a deal, which leads one to wonder what not so obvious benefit has Western leaders so anxious to empower a rogue nation.      


  1. Paul, this deal is more than disturbing to me. Iran's leaders have openly stated that as soon as they have weapons grade nuclear success, they will destroy their #1 enemy, Israel. It's no secret anywhere in the world of that intention. I heard yesterday on NPR an interview with some retired nuclear regulatory commission guy, and they did all they could to assure their audience that it would be next to impossible for Iran to make a nuclear weapon, their two reasons: 1- they told us they wouldn't, and 2- we're watching them. Give me a break.

    1. Not only is the intent of Iran clear, they claim that the official American version of the deal is not accurate Iran claims it truly has the right to enrich Uranium all they want. Iran claims the official White House release is misleading and does not reflect the true deal. I cannot conceive what the West hopes to achieve by making a deal with a known enemy of democracy and freedom.