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Today, the world made a deal with a proven devil, Iran.  Iran now has access to billions of dollars that they can squirrel away for nefarious uses in the future and in return, Iran has to be good for 6 months.  Today, Iran and a coalition of deceived nations, (some not so deceived, as time will tell) agreed to lift sanctions on Iran and allow Iran access to about 7 billion dollars of frozen funds.  In exchange, Iran agreed to halt production on some of it's nuclear program that could lead to bomb making, allow daily inspections, and to not build any more centrifuges ... for 6 months.  If Iran misbehaves, the sanctions go right back into place.

   The reason this is a "very bad deal" as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, is the fact that Iran has, at the very least, set it's nuclear program back 6 months and now has access to billions of needed dollars, the lack of which was the true hindrance to completing a nuclear weapons program.  Once Iran has secured the needed funds to build a bomb all deals will be off.  This is a huge financial win for Iran, a very minuscule win for the West, and a very dangerous development for Israel's security and Saudi Arabia's financial future. Iran gains immediate access to about 7 billion dollars and has the ability to generate major revenue for at least 6 months.  Should Iran reach it's financial goals, whatever that figure may be, they will abandon their end of the treaty and have all the funding needed to develop a nuclear weapons program.

    The big losers will be Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Israel, the only democratic nation in the region, has been ignored during these talks by the United States, once it's biggest ally.  The United States seems to have thumbed it's nose at Israel throughout the entire negotiation process and in the final agreement.  Israel has repeatedly voiced concerns over the consequences to the stability of the Middle East caused by this deal.  Iran was almost a breaking point financially, even the U. S. congress wanted to increase sanctions, not ease them.  Iran comes out stronger and more able to exert it's military might in the region. Not a very good option for a nation who has expressly stated that it's desire is to push it's neighbor, Israel, into the sea.  Iran refers to America as the great Satan and has vowed to destroy us as well.  This deal is tantamount to Superman giving Kryptonite to Lex Luther, expecting Lex Luther to not  use it against him.

     The other big potential loser int he region is Saudi Arabia and the OPEC nations.  Once Iran has access to a nuclear bomb, Saudi Arabia believes it will be threatened concerning oil production.  Iran wants to be the top nation in the world.  Once Iran achieves nuclear weapons it will be in a position to control oil production and sales in the region, quickly propelling itself to Super Power status.  As America, the last Super Power nation, continues it's downward slide economically, militarily and socially, Iran will emerge as the one nation able to dictate to all other nations - the express goal of it's maniacally extremist Islamic leadership.  Saudi Arabia and Israel have become unlikely allies in this misadventure due to both nations having a vested interest in Iran remaining nuclear weapon free.  (see my blogs Will America Sell It's Soul... and Will America Sell It's Soul - Update)

     The United States remains divided on this issue, Congress desires to tighten sanctions while the Administration chose to go push for the current treaty.  What does the United States and Western nations gain from this deal?  That remains to be seen, as there is no clear advantage to be gained whatsoever.  Without financial resources Iran was not able to complete it's nuclear weapon program and posed no threat to the West.  Now, Iran will have plenty of money to do what it pleases which is ultimately detrimental to the whole world.  Russia has been helping Iran with it's nuclear program all along and is surly celebrating this wonderful victory for it's number one ally in the Middle East.  Russia has proven to be a much better friend to Iran than the United States has to Israel.

     Israel has vowed to attack Iran before it gains nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia has agreed to help.  Will this lead to a preemptive strike against Israel by Russia and Iran?  The Bible predicts such an attack.  Amazingly, America, today, has helped the enemies of Israel.  God promises to curse any country that curses Israel.  This deal, I believe, hurtles the world toward Armageddon.  The nations are allied as the Bible predicted, America will fade from world prominence as the Bible suggests and a world leader will be called upon to fix the mess in Middle East with a far reaching peace treaty as the Bible has also predicted in both the Old Testament and the New.  The world leader who signs such a treaty will be the Man of Sin the Bible describes and will one day be indwelt by Satan himself, as he rules the world.

   All of this is good news for the Church as it means our time on earth is short, but even in the excitement of our immanent redemption, our concern for Israel and the lost souls of the world should preclude any rejoicing.  While we are enjoying the presence of God in heaven, the world will be plunged into absolute chaos and destruction due to God's wrath.  People we know and love will be terribly impacted.  We need to step up our evangelism efforts as time is growing short and the souls of those we love depend upon it.

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