Sunday, December 28, 2014


  I woke up this morning to the news that another southeastern Asia jetliner, AsiaAir flight QZ8501, has disappeared.   The last contact from the pilot was a request to change altitude to avoid poor weather.  A number of things makes this disappearance suspicious.  First, there was no mayday or pan pan call by the pilot.  A mayday call is used when disaster is immanent and pan pan is the call a pilot would use when disaster in probable but the flight is currently maintainable.  This plane made no distress call, it simply disappeared without a sound and without a trace. Second, is the fact that this is the second jetliner that has disappeared in this region in the past year.  Third is the naked threats made against the U S by radical Islamic regimes and governments.  

   Recently, Isis proclaimed that it was in possession of a nuclear bomb.  What is known for sure is that a number of suitcase nukes from the cold war are unaccounted for.  What is known for sure is that Iran is currently processing nuclear material and attempting to join the nuclear bomb club.  What is known for sure is that Islamic terrorists like to crash planes into American cities.  Both Russia and Iran seem to have political sympathies with corrupt Islamic regimes and both nations are open in their disdain for the U S and other western countries.  This week, Russia declared NATO to be the biggest threat to it's national security.  Given the corruption of southeast Asian countries, the possibility that large amounts of money has changed hands to acquire a simple nuclear bomb delivery system is likely.  Isis, or even Iran, would have a difficult time developing or acquiring a delivery system capable of sending a nuclear bomb to a U S city, but an airplane loaded with bombs and nuclear material could easily fly into U S airspace and crash into major cities across the nation.  

   Chatter concerning nuclear events in U S cities have been intercepted for months.  Iran has threatened America, Isis has threatened America, Islamic Jihad has threatened America.  Even as the current administration is threatening to bring sanctions against Israel and lessen sanctions against Iran, the Islamic world continues to threaten our safety.  

The United States does not come into play in end time prophecy, we are simply not there.  The U S has been working very hard to alienate Israel as an ally, directly opposing God who promised to bless those who blessed Israel and to curse those who curse Israel. The U S has embraced evil like never before in it's domestic policies and almost all moral boundaries seem to have removed by the public at large.  Even the organized church has abandoned Biblical truth for inclusiveness with the world.  All of this mixes together a recipe for disaster.  Pastor Jeffery Cahn and others have given dire warnings to the U S concerning impending judgement from God.  I have written numerous posts about the danger we have placed ourselves in by ignoring God's commandments.  I think of God's judgments on Sodom, on Balaam, and the warning of judgment found in Romans 1 to be overwhelmingly bad news for the U S A. 

I pray against hope for the people on flight QZ8501.  I pray that this plane will be found and the people rescued.  Sadly,I believe that this will not be the case.  I fear that this plane has joined Malaysian flight 370 and is being prepared for an attack on U S cities.  I pray that I am wrong.  I pray for the flight and all on board, I pray for the searchers for safety and success, and I pray for out intelligence agencies to uncover any nefarious plots against U S cities.  

We are living in very uncertain times, with the only certainty being Jesus will be returning to for His people.  We know that evil will increase in the last days and God wins in the end.  We can only wait, watch and pray as the future unfolds.  Now is the time for God's people to be more faithful than ever before and to be diligent about the great commission.  My hope is in Christ!

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