Thursday, March 26, 2015


  A number of months ago, I wrote a blog entitled Will America Abandon here to read  In my post, I discussed the administration's proposed deal with Iran concerning it's nuclear program.  Today, the President proposed a deal for Iran that is far worse than anything ever proposed before. This proposal may. answer my question, as Iran gets everything.  The deal allows Iran to work on it's nuclear program in fortified underground facilities, lifts financial sanctions(allowing Iran to fund it's nuclear weapon program), and protects Iran's nuclear programs from inspections.  Basically, the Obama administration is doing everything to ensure Iran develops a nuclear weapon.  I have to wonder, is this retaliation for Netanyahu's election victory?

     This week, Iran's leader, the Ayatollah Kahmenei called for "death to America."  As a reward, the President is paving the way for Iran to make good on it's threat.  This would be laughable if the consequences were not so horrifying.  

The President has made no secret of his disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Rumors continue to swirl around the administrations efforts to unseat Netanyahu in the last election.  Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign for reelection was having difficulty gaining traction until the Prime Minister shifted to a strong nationalist message in the final days leading up to the election.  Netanyahu's strong nationalist message resonated with voters and, what appeared to be a close race going into election day, turned out to be a landslide victory.  This is evidence that the people of Israel view Iran and the Hezbollah backed government of the Palestinians as a very real threat.  

     My fear is that the current administration is attempting to punish Israel for going against it's desire to unseat Netanyahu.  By allowing Iran to gain nuclear capabilities, Israel is forced into a situation in which it will either be threatened with destruction or have to stand alone against Iran in a pre-emptive strike.  Iran has emphatically stated it's intentions of destroying Israel.  Iranian backed Hezbollah has declared it's desire to drive Israel into the sea.  With nuclear capability, it will only be a matter of time before Iran sells it's weaponry to other Islamic fundamentalist groups.  In an attempt to punish Israel, the President is endangering the lives of everyone on the planet.

What happens when a nuclear weapon is placed into the hands of people whose ideology leads them to blowing themselves up on buses and in cafes and crashing airplanes into buildings?  During the Cold War, mutually assured destruction guaranteed peace between the United States and the Soviet Union because neither side wanted to die.  Iran is run by mad men who believe that dying for their faith, which includes dying to kill Christians and Jews, is the only sure way to heaven.  There is no deterrent of mutually assured destruction with this cabal of lunatics.  Iran's leadership, Hezbollah, and other Iranian funded terrorist organizations will leap at the opportunity to die for Allah with a nuclear bomb strapped to their fannies.  

My prayer for America is a strong nationalist leader will rise up and run for president.  The two party system is a farce, both major political parties have been overrun by globalists.  Globalists will continue to drive the world to an Anti-Christ friendly scenario.  If America does not return to the values that this country was founded on and if we do not practice a foreign policy that utilizes common sense, identifies evil and responds accordingly, all will be lost.  America cannot continue to sing God Bless America while we purposely rebel against His commands.  By turning against Israel, America becomes the enemy of God.  

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