Monday, March 30, 2015


A number of months ago, I wrote a post detailing the fact that Islam is really veiled Satanism and Allah bears far more resemblance to the Father of Lies than the Father of Lights.  click here to read Islam is Satanism Today, John Kerry stated that the United States will broker a nuclear deal with Iran if "Allah wills it."  Words cannot describe the absolute disgust I feel for what John Kerry proclaimed.  ALLAH IS NOT GOD.  This fact cannot be more reiterated.  Radical Islam, of which Iran's leadership has proven time and again to be part of, does not compromise, does not share, and does not negotiate in good faith. It is considered a virtue to lie to infidels. 

John Kerry shows his absolute inability to handle negotiations with a rogue nation. Instead of taking a hard line, pro American position, Kerry has licked the boots of his enemies.  By invoking the name of Allah, Kerry has turned his back on the American people, not to mention the direct slap in the face this remark is to Israel.  

Evidence of the fact that Allah is not the God of the Bible was demonstrated by the Islamic government of Malaysia, last year.  In a misguided effort to cater to Islamic principles, many Bible translators in Islamic lands choose to translate God's name as Allah.  Police raided the Bible Society of Malaysia and confiscated Bibles because the Bibles used the name Allah to refer to God.  Islam agrees that Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and certainly not the Father of Jesus Christ.  Why a Bible Society would choose to translate the name of God - YHWH - as Allah is beyond my ability to understand.  

John Kerry has unwittingly deferred to the will of Satan amidst
 negotiations with one of the most evil regimes on the face of the planet. Gee, I wonder how that will turn out?  I am very sure that Allah's will for Iran is for Iran to gain nuclear weapons because Iran has already promised to destroy Israel.  Allah hates YHWH and His people Israel. Allah hates Christians and his followers refer to America as The Great Satan.  How's that for the pot calling the kettle black!  

The amazing thing is, these events are leading up to a scenario which will be very conducive for the prophesied war of Gog and Magog, in which Iran and Russia attack Israel, to take place.  As abhorrent as the current administrations's behavior toward Israel may be, this behavior seems to be part of God's overall plan for the ultimate redemption of Israel.  We truly are living in scary, dangerous and exciting times!

Shame on John Kerry for invoking the name of Allah and prayers for America's protection as it's leadership unwittingly(I hope) defers to Satan.  


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes that allah is satan. I've been saying that for years and people look at me like I've grown horns. Think about it when you have the highest religious leaders of their so called "faith" claiming they will not stop until they sit on the circle of the earth... Come on if they served YHWH they would know HE already sits on the circle of the earth because HE owns the circle of the earth. It really isn't hard to see who they really serve. satan has already tried once to usurp the throne of YHWH and well he took a flying leap out heaven over it. He knows he can't succeed this time as well, yet he will try and the next time he will take a flying leap into hell for it.

    I'm hid with Christ!

    1. It boggles my mind that the Christian church has embraced the name of Allah to represent YHWH. Thanks for commenting. your flying leap comment made me chuckle, even though it was accurate.


  2. I may not be American but I am so saddened by reading about this. God is God the most High and certainly cannot and should not be replaced by Allah without our Holy Scriptures.

    1. Liberal public officials think they are being "open minded" but in reality come off as weak and foolish. . The administration panders to the godless islamics as they chant "death to America" in their streets. Thanks for commenting!