Friday, April 24, 2015


  A few months ago, I have embarked on a new endeavor.   I am in the final stages of producing a discipleship study guide based on the J. Oswald Sanders Commitment to Spiritual Growth book series.  You can read the Genesis of this program by clicking here .  
As the study is progressing, myself and three other men have committed to studying through a series of books and study guide.  I am aware that this is not the discipleship program of discipleship programs, but it is, nevertheless a program designed to strengthen believers in their faith and spur them on to spiritual reproduction.

Jesus told us to "go and make disciples..."  and often times we simply send people to church and leave them to figure it out for themselves.  By looking at the shape of the Western church, it is painfully obvious that this method is not working.  

My prayer is to develop a discipleship ministry that provides a variety of programs to local churches and individuals for group study.  These programs will be designed as long term(6 months or more)studies and meant to develop leadership from within each group, to spawn other groups which should multiply, rather than add, new believers to the kingdom of God.  

I feel that I have been called to this avenue of ministry and plan on dedicating the rest of my life to developing disciple makers.  
I,  also plan on spending the next year developing a variety of discipleship programs.  I am hoping to assemble a team of committed believers to partner with me in developing programs for men, women, youth and marriage. 

The point of all this is the importance of obeying Christ and serving in the capacity to which you are called.  I encourage anyone who happens to read this to pray diligently and seek God's plan for your life.   If you are a newer believer or have been a believer for a while but feel stagnant in your walk with the Lord, get with a more mature believer or join a discipleship group. Study through Romans 12 and see where you fit into God's plan and then develop your gift.  

If you are a seasoned believer, you need to be sharing, not only your faith, but your life with others.  Undoubtedly, you know someone who is struggling in their walk, or a new believer that needs guidance.  We are all called to make disciples and we are all called to model our faith that others may see the hope we have.

People will learn far more by watching you live before God than they will from great sermons in church or books on christian living.  Share your life, share your faith, share your resources and watch God transform the world around you!

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