Saturday, April 18, 2015


I just had the extreme pleasure of seeing the Christian rock band Solemn Witness debut their new CD Christian Strong.  If you get a chance to see Solemn Witness, DO NOT miss them.  Right now, they are exclusively in East Tennessee, but I believe this is only a temporary geographical restriction.  

    Keyboardist Terry Vargo would give Ray Manzarek a run for his money. Vargo's mastery of the keys is nothing short of phenomenal.  Guitarist Jonathan Vargo is a young virtuoso playing with a distinct Southern Rock sound with a sprinkling of Allman Brothers. Young Vargo's interaction with the audience was a welcome surprise.   Drummer Marshall Sherles sounded as if he had four arms, not to mention his song writing skills demonstrated on  Never Surrender, which reached number 1 on Righteous Rock Radio.  Bassist Cary Clark, with his fret-less bass held the rhythm section flawlessly.  Clark's laid back style gave the illusion of effortlessness, when in fact, his playing was pure craftsmanship.  Front man John Silva's power vocals complimented the superb musicianship  displayed by the band.  Silva's vocal range is impressive and will undoubtedly be a  force to be reckoned with in years to come.  Silva owned the stage in a refreshingly humble manner as he connected with his audience through inspirational stories and anecdotes between songs.  

Also debuted was the bands first music video for title track Christian Strong.  Though an indy production, Solemn Witness' first music video is a winner.  It is not yet available on YouTube, but once it is, I will provide a link in this post.  

Make sure you check out the band on their website click here for Solemn Witness  

Aside from masterful musicianship, the Christ centered message emanating from each original song was inspiring and uplifting.  Placed neatly in the middle of their performance, Solemn Witness added worship stand by's that helped set the tone for adoration of the Savior.  Overall, a perfect mix of well crafted and finely executed music with a message of hope and love all bringing glory to Jesus Christ.  The new CD will be in my rotation for sure and I will be looking forward to seeing much more of Solemn Witness.

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