Friday, December 11, 2015


   I fear that I may be guilty of playing into the Globalist's agenda.  I have been very critical of all who identify with Islam, writing posts condemning anyone who calls them self a Muslim.  Being part of a faith that has a massively large spectrum of adherents with, seemingly, polar extremes of belief and commitment, I should have realized that within Islam, the same exists.  On the far right of what calls itself Christianity, there are those who advocate eugenics and genocide, groups like Christian Identity, who are white supremacists.  On the other extreme of those who identify as Christian are cultural church goers who are born into a church lifestyle but couldn't find the Gospel of John with the table of contents.  I would daresay, an incredibly small percentage of the 80% of Americans who identify as Christian are truly born again.  The shape of our country attests to that.

     Within any faith system, there are spectrums of extremes, like the one noted above.  Islam is no different.  I have only known two Muslims in my life, neither of them were devout, one of them married a Jew, celebrates Christmas and has never read the Koran.  These guys are certainly not a threat to anyone.  Devout Muslims would certainly disavow both of them.  Unlike Christianity, where those who truly follow the teachings of Jesus try to love others and put others first, those who are truly devout, Koran following Muslims are commanded to overcome infidels and are only guaranteed heaven through martyrdom.  The question is, how many of those who identify themselves as Muslim are culturally Muslim and pose no threat and how many are devout enough to support Sharia Law and take up arms in holy Jihad?  We cannot know.  That is the dilemma.

groups like CAIR only fuel the fires of distrust
    By my experience, I would guess that the majority of people, in America, who identify as Muslim are not devout Koran abiding individuals.  Just as in Christendom, so to in Islam, most people are American's first, pursuing the American dream, and faithful to their religious creed as it is convenient.  This describes Americans.  The balance of power in the American Muslim community is shifting. As devout, Koran following Middle Eastern Muslims enter America at unprecedented levels, the risk for violence and terrorist behavior rises exponentially.  Cultural Muslims will be victimized along with everyone else, and sadly, as devout Islam raises the risk to Americans, cultural Muslims will become targets of hate crimes from non-Muslim extremists as well.

      A recent article in the Washington Post has caught my attention on this matter and changed my thinking, to some extent.  read article here  The article featured Muslims in the military and their concern with blatant anti-Islamic rhetoric from fellow soldiers, especially on social media.  My fear is that if we begin to marginalize all Muslims, and the citizenry begins to openly persecute, harass or attack Muslim neighbors, America will erupt into civil unrest, the likes of which has not been seen since the Kent State incident.  Civil violence in the streets will play right into the hands of the Globalist agenda, one world order, one world government.  Right now, the U.S. Constitution is a major obstacle to the Globalist agenda, but a civil uprising may be just the catalyst needed to give  the Globalists in power a chance to override U.S. Law and institute Martial Law.  An armed society is a society safe from tyranny. An irresponsibly armed society is in grave danger of losing the right to bear arms.  A civil uprising pitting the Islamic community against American Patriots would allow, even force, the government to move in and take away privately owned guns.

    Anti-Islamic sentiment is at an all time high in America, far greater than after 9/11.  Events like the ones in Paris and San Bernardino only serve to raise suspicion against the Muslim community.  Of particular note, is the fact that Muslim leaders who speak out against Islamic violence or who agree that measures need to be taken to protect American citizens against Islamic fueled terrorism are being forced to resign.   read about Imam in TX forced out for speaking out     Eventually, there will be no voice of reason in the Muslim community and will escalate, all due to the efforts of those in positions of power who have a nefarious one world agenda.

   This is a time for all Americans to remain calm.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Christian community to reach out to Muslim neighbors, in love, to share the Gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ.  Even as Islam is increasing across the globe at unprecedented levels, many Muslims are turning to Christ.  I have read numerous, first hand accounts, of former Muslims who had visions or dreams of Christ and then became Christians.  There are Christian missionaries risking their lives in Muslim countries, trying rescue the followers of Allah from the clutches of Satan.  Here in America, we are free to love, free to share and free to demonstrate the grace of God to the Muslim community, without fear of persecution or death.  The Lord wills that none should perish(2 Peter 3:9) and if we serve Him, we should will that none should perish as well.

     As Followers of Christ, it is imperative that we rise above knee jerk reactions and hate filled rhetoric.  Evil forces are attempting to bring about a desired outcome, but we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  Jesus commanded us to love out enemies.  Regardless of the designs of Globalists to create dissension in America, regardless of their attempts to allow terrorists into America, and regardless of the fact that Allah is Satan,   Christians are Christians first and Americans second.  If called upon by our nation to take up arms to defend America, we should, but aside from that, we are not called to foment or commit violence against fellow Americans. We have a right to defend ourselves, but we do not have a right, nor can we justify, initiating any kind of violent civil unrest.  In getting caught up in harassment, bullying or violent acts against our Islamic neighbors, we not only play into the hands of the One World Government crowd, but, more importantly, we become enemies of the Gospel, for it was Jesus who said, "You are with Me or against Me, he who is not gathering, scatters."  Let's gather for the cause of Christ and help lead our Muslim neighbors to the truth of the Gospel, let's not scatter and marginalize those who need salvation.  


  1. Much good sense in this article.

  2. Do you really believe this?

    Do you think you can be buddy buddy with Ishmael?

    God has the final say. And He has already spoken.

    "He will be a wild man. His hand will be against every man, and every mans hand against him"

    And so it is.

    Ishmael persecutes Isaac.

    Ishmaelites sold their own cousin (Joseph) into Egyptian slavery.

    Ishmaelites and Israelites never got along.

    Even the Apostle Paul, when writing about the persecution of Ishmael, wrote, 'and so it is today.'

    Then came Muhammad. I mean, aren't you catching on the pattern here? Has ANYTHING changed?

    Then in the early 2000s, I was sending $$ to Sudan for the Sudanese Christians who were being mutilated, raped, murdered by Muslims.

    Then came September 11th, and America was saying things just like you are suggesting. "Oh, Islam is a relgion of peace."

    How little you people knew.

    Then over and over we see their brutality. But your media REFUSED to call it "Islam" and instead, you have made a very bad habit of using the words "Terror" and "terrorist".

    No. They are MUSLIMS.

    Islam is NOT a religion of the West! And you Westerners do NOT have a say in the matter!


    And we see it in Muhammads life time.

    And we see it in 2015.

    But you believe that there is peace? Peace with what?

    I do not YOKE myself with Ba'al, or that which is false of pagan.

    Islam is not, and never will be, a "SISTER FAITH" of Judaism OR Christianity.

    1. I do not think you read my post all the way through. I specifically stated that those who are devout Koran following Muslims are dangerous. I never claimed Islam to be a "sister faith" nor do I believe that. I wrote in this post and in others that I believe Allah is Satan. In America, we must not allow the globalists in the government to goad us into civil unrest. The average American Muslim does not even read the Koran and is Muslim by culture and pose no threat. I also stated that those coming in are Koran followers and are dangerous. This is not come kumbaya post. It is a call to believers to reach out to Muslims because they are lost and going to Hell. This is a call to Americans to avoid the trap being set by the globalists who need to create a civil disturbance large enough to implement martial law. Never once did I nor would I ever refer to Islam as a religion of peace.

      As a Westerner in a Western country that is now being besieged by a hate driven doctrine of Jihad, I do have a say in the matter. I have a say as a follower of Christ and as a teacher of the Word.