Tuesday, December 15, 2015


   Today, ISIS sent an e-mail to American cities threatening schools. Los Angeles County took the threat seriously and gave ISIS a peek at America's response and readiness.  In response to a threat involving machine gun fire and explosions, sent from an IP address in Frankfurt Germany, L.A. County shut down all schools.  Other cities received the same threatening e-mail, yet chose to ignore the threat as a hoax,  New York City, being the most notable.  L.A. County erred on the side of caution and cannot be faulted for protecting school children.  Officials in L.A. acted in the interest of public safety and I would feel much more secure in Southern California tonight than if I were living in the Big Apple.

     Unfortunately, ISIS gained a victory in L.A. as they were able to ascertain the response to a credible threat in a major city.  Undoubtedly, ISIS operatives were prepared, across the country, to study the response and precautions taken by law enforcement and Homeland Security in each city targeted.  Now they know.  Thank God no attack took place, and thank God the officials of L.A. County took measures to protect public safety, but now the enemy has valuable intel for a real attack.

     ISIS now knows how broad an attack has to be, at least in L.A., and other cities of similar size, to foment the most terror.  The attack in San Bernardino was much smaller, in scale, than the attacks in Paris.  The spineless attackers in San Bernardino fully expected to get away with their crime, yet were quickly tracked and gunned down by well prepared first responders.  Investigation into the shooting revealed that other attacks were planned .  Knowing that the Paris attacks were well coordinated and executed in multiple locations, simultaneously, one can only expect that ISIS has similar plans, on a much larger scale, for American cities.  All Americans need to be on alert for suspicious activities.  Presidential candidate Chris Christie said, "every place is a target," referring to potential attacks from Islamic terrorists.

     There is no surprise that the threatening e-mails came from Germany, as hundreds of thousands Syrian refugees have flooded that county in recent weeks, undoubtedly, ISIS operatives are among that number.  There can be no doubt that ISIS is planning a major attack in the United States. I believe today's false threat was an attempt by these terrorists to gather intelligence that they may attack on a scale sufficient to cripple an effective response from local and federal law enforcement.  Our country needs prayer, more than ever before, and we need to pray for our leaders and our men and women who are committed to protecting the safety of America at home and abroad.

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